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Khusana submitted a number of different ideas. They were all very well done. The fact that many of our comments were taken very seriously and many changes were made with different takes on similar ideas is what helped us make our choice. Edits and requests were completed and answered immediately. Would definitely work with Khusana again.


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Winning design #105 by Khusana_Lutfiani, Logo Design for Excel Lifeforce Martial Arts Training Center Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Khusana_Lutfiani

Project description

Would like to update current logo both long form and mini for social media.     Need logo to work with both pc and mobile website...we are currently developing a new one.    

Trying to emphasize our association with the two largest martial arts organizations in the country. 

I have attached are current logos....we are celebrating 30 years in business so it's time to become more current. 

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  • Please check this entry. #115
  • XL marshal arts logo design. Please check this entry. #112
  • I like that you added the belt! #105
  • This was an interesting idea. So different from your others. #106
  • I like you idea but could you perhaps replace the icon with maybe just a martial arts belt? The one you are using looks somewhat like a gingerbread cookie:) #97
  • We like this but somewhat like your design #88, could you reduce the size of the "kicker" a little and add an icon that looks like a grappler/ground-fighter at the bottom of the "X" possibly? As mentioned in my notes, we would like our logo to portray that we are not just a kicking (Taekwondo/Karate) school but also a ground (Jiu Jitsu) school. #90
  • Please write a review on this design without hesitation

    Thank you #101
  • Minimal concept based on BLACK BELT #64
  • Minimal concept based on BLACK BELT #63
  • This looks great but again if you could integrate both a kicker and a grappler #46
  • I like your design but can you think of a way to post both a kicker and grappler icon since we do both? #53
  • the logo consists of the letters X and L. inside the logo is seen a person who is kicking. hopefully the logo can symbolize your business. thank you #52
  • There are some really great designs submitted. It we were just a kicking school it would be an easier choice. However we're still trying to somehow make the logo look that we are not just a kicking school but a Jiu Jitsu/grappling school also. There was a submission using a Black Belt and that might work if anyone else would like to try using that concept in their design. the goal in both martial arts styles is of course Black Belt. I also appreciate those of you that included a design with a reference to our 30 year anniversary. We actually opened the end of 1987 though.
  • Minimal and clean concept encorporating the martial art form in the logo #45
  • I am sending the submissions that I like to my "tough guy" partner :) He will chose the one he likes best out of them. Thanks for the great work everyone!
  • thank you for your work.
    please check whether the color you want is correct?
    thank you
    regards #29
    • @Khusana_Lutfiani Yes color is much better. Don't ever want it to look pink :)

  • I like the edit you made with the abstract kicker. Could you change the yin-yang symbol back to the "est..." #22
    • @msk1 Please check #36 and a new version #37

  • how about this one? #31
  • Could you also change the EXCEL to one color. It looks good but you have to look hard at it to read it. #18
  • I like a lot of the designs but actually 1/2 of our students are Taekwondo (kickers) students but the other 1/2 are Gracie Jiu Jitsu students (grapplers). Most of the logos make it appear that we are just a kicking school. Any ideas out there?