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Winning design #52 by CreativeBox16, Logo Design for Excel Technologies Contest
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designed by CreativeBox16

Project description

Excel Technologies is 15 years old company seeking to re-brand itself with a new , modern logo.  We are a information technology and cyber security consulting firm.  We are looking for the logo to include the name "Excel" or "Excel Technologies"  along with a graphic element.  Colors must be the pantone red and blue colors of the American flag.  Would like the logo to be 3D.

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  • i hope you like it sir. thanks #161
  • Hello contest holder

    I am posting my design concept according to your design brief and requirement

    Hope you will like my design

    Kindly check and guide me with your feedback and rating so that I can bring my design more closer to your expectation and likeness and can present you the best design of your choice

  • @flannery
    please take a look at entries
    #148 and #149
    Sincerely , Cezar - @ArtAct
    Thank you.
  • 04 #145
  • 03 #144
  • 02 #143
  • 01 #142
  • This logo has a meaning, the blue letter e is a technology that provides security for data while the small red orange is the recipient and the large incoming data must go through the system from Excel technologies #120
  • This logo is inspired by a shield and the letter E. This logo has a meaning of a system that has multiple layers of security that must pass through several points #94
  • please check it and feedback #93
  • please check it and feedback #92
  • please check it and feedback #91
  • Excel Technologies. #87
  • Excel Technologies. #86
  • Hallo,
    This is design from me, i use emblem shield to shape ExT, ExT is Excel Technologies.
    The design use red and blue color, at center i put X font with tine line to decoration and describe technologies.
    i hope you like my design,
    thank you #81
  • The logo is inspired by molecules because technology is formed from ideas and becomes a convenience for its users. 5 molecules means five Excel letters, blue as a symbol of technology #66
  • This logo is a combination of arrows between the letter E and the letter X, while the letter X is likened to satellite and molecule. This logo means that technology is always advancing formed by the Excel team and is at the center of technological development #65
  • dear sir
    in this i tried to make combination of E and T with technology touch. hope you like. Thanks #64
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #63