Exciting company capturing the energy of the Sun and releasing that energy via renewable biofuel and high protein human and animal food.

I have been very happy with the quality and number of designs I received for our logo contest especially since we had a very tight budget. The whole process was very smooth and easy to follow through to completion. The support from the Team at Design Contest was also very prompt and helpful.


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Winning design #93 by ocen, Logo Design for Exciting company capturing the energy of the Sun and releasing that energy via renewable biofuel and high protein human and animal food. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ocen

Project description

WHAT WE WANT:• Logo Colours - blue or green or gold (or a combination of either). Use a darker colour (black, red etc) to provide contrast where appropriate• strong corporate image• the image or logo is to be without sharp edges• use a lower case, modern font for "ensol" • we would like the logo to have a 'symbol' incorporated either in the name or next to the name so it could be used on its own at times (ie just like the Nike 'swish' symbol can be identified with Nike on its own). See "What We Do" for ideas on the symbol but please do not be too cliched with the environment• we do not want a reflection under the logo• Tag line - we are happy for contestants to suggest a tag line to go under our logo that lets the public know about our production of clean, renewable fuels and nutritious food. We do not want any pictures of crops (wheat etc) to feature in the logo, nor an obvious sun diagram.
If I have not scored you the highest do not lose hope as I will get my colleagues at ensol to have a final vote for the winner. I will head you in the right direction though.

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  • Hello, I like the idea of using a 'gold' effect, as this precious metal, often fashioned into deities and artefacts, has long been associated with the Sun. The 'metal' effect gives the impression of 'radiation', as does the 'golden' highlight. The motif is representative of something 'receiving' the Sun's rays, or perhaps the Sun itself. Thank you for the opportunity to present.
  • There are no mountains near our business. This is too much like a picture rather than a logo or creative design.
  • Thanks for the change.
  • Hi CH, Thank you for your feedback, and this design is revision without tagline as you want from #5. Best Regards, .RA.
  • Dear CH, This is my first submitted design and would love your feedback. Thanks
  • Thank you. Can you please remove the tagline. I should have been more clear in that I did not actually want 'greener food & fuel' but was happy for someone to include a catchy tag line if they thought of one but the logo is more important obviously. Good font.
  • Dear CH, Here is my Logo Design : #4 is following the Firefox at "o" but more simple, and #5 use different idea. Thank you. .RA.
  • Thank you. Could the Sun be made a bit more abstract please. Could the font be a bit more bold and in a more 'modern' font if possible.
  • Thanks. Can you please revise with a deep blue colour for the font
  • Hi CH An abstract eternity symbol incoorporated in your company name, and the blue planet. Hope you like it.
  • Hi CH, I understood that the word "ensol" was to be in lower case? Quote: <> Please advise? Upper case provides greater opportunity for creativity of course! Many thanks
  • Dear CH, This one #101 is revision from #26 as you want with black background and a little Modify in this logo ;) Thank You..
  • Hi CH, #97 This is new concept with in Water drop and leaf which combine to be a circle.And looks a great bio company. #107 is the design revision from #5, using black background, and gold feel. Best Regards, .RA.
  • Hi CH, Thank you for your last feedback at #26, I'll make the revision from this one. And I've made #95 to the other choice with Fire covered with water ;) Thank you..
  • Thanks days
  • Very creative. Well done
  • Hi CH, here's my new entry, I tried experimenting by using all the colors as specified on the contest brief. Thank you!
  • this is with lower wave an same text colour with orange & green emblem
  • Sorry but I had wanted you to keep the same colour font for ensol as you had used in #53 (but with the lower wave as in #64) along with this new green and gold 'e' symbol. Then we will have all covered. Thanks days.