Exciting Opportunity to design Logo for international retreats for women

Hi mkc23. We have relly enjoyed this contest & are delighted at our design. Many thanks & congratulations on winning. Thanks to silver & Bronze holders. It was a difficult decision as yours were also beautiful & suitable. Blessings WWR

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Our target market is Wise Women of all ages committed to exploring validating & embracing their true selves as Woman. We require a professional logo that will be used on flyers business cards & web site design & which represents feminine energy. We require our company name 'wisewomenretreats' to be incorporated in the design. Please capture joy energy & beauty in this logo

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  • Hi there! I revised #12 to have the woman be more curvy (#25). I also added some other variations to #10. Let me know if I've added too much. I like the simplicity of 10 but I can see where it may need a little more energy, please let me know if you have any thoughts... I plan to keep working on it to find the right balance. Thanks!
  • @ wisewoman: i made my design in 4 different versions, hope you like them; i prefer nummer #20, i think the woman are ageless and it is a catching design, i'd like to hear what you think?! designKB
  • And just added #14, which is similar to #7, except for with the curvy figures.
  • Just added #13, which was the same concept as #3, only this time this logo concept includes the 3 curvy figures.
  • can you put 3 curvy figures in this instead of the flower
  • can you put 3 curvy feminine figures in this instead of the flowers?
  • can you put 3 different sized feminine figures on the top? to represent different ages
  • i like this very much do you have anything else?
  • is it possible to make the womans figure not so steroptyped..maybe a little more curvy?
  • can you pls make the feminist figure into a softer feminine figure
  • pls re-create the 3 feminine figures so that they have softer lines & represent young mature & older women
  • Hey wisewomen, I just uploaded this one and wanted to know your thoughts. I tried to make the WWR logo itself very modern but also unique enough to head an awesome organization like yours. Is it required to use all three colors? I can alter it in any and all ways to your specifications. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  • pls give the figure long hair we really like this design
  • This is a revision of #27
  • After reading over your request, I re-vamped my logo concept, and have added a new entry, #74. This en-corporates the theme of motion, as represented with the curved lines and the circles. The circles are to represent motion, energy and youthfulness for women of all ages around the world.
  • Hey, I redid the purple type for #64 (now #73) however somewhere in translation the pink was dulled. I am having a hard time with that purple not coming up right when I turn it into a jpeg. On my screen it shows up a bright purple. Any how I think I've fixed it but I am out of credits so I cannot submit any more until you allow me to do so. Also I wasn't sure if you wanted me to explore more fonts for #65, if that's the case then I need you to again allow me to submit more. Thanks!
  • #62 Thanks for your valuable comments. I have submitted two more options for you. Need your valuable comments/feedback again. Thanks :)
  • pls make the wording a little deeper purple again
  • the figure needs to be more obviously feminine pls revise
  • Hey there, mkc here, I think I've made all the changes per your request! I assumed since you made a comment in one of the logos about making her hair longer, I went ahead and replaced all instances of that figure with a long hair version. I also found a bolder font option on #52, please let me know if you'd like me to explore more fonts for any of the logos, the revised logos are: #63, #64, #65, #66. Thanks!