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We are looking for a Logo for Expat India, a new trendy, upscale lifestyle  print magazine targeted at expats and travellers. Need a bold, modern, hip look. The most prominent use of the logo will be on the magazine cover. It will also be used to brand our website. Open to exciting and creative approaches. Don't want a traditional look and feel. The logo will play interchangably with another publication called Bigger India so we want a logo that translates well also to Bigger India. Ideally both logos will be similar with just Bigger replacing Expat.

Expat and India can be of equal weight, or Expat can be a little more dominant, but not overwhelmingly so. We don't want India larger than Expat. Also we prefer edgy, bold designs, including use of fonts that have sharp  edges. We are looking for bold unusual treatments. Since this will play on the magazine cover our preference is for a both words to be on a single line to give a wider, horizontal logo. But we are open to consider unusual two line treatments where Expat is stacked on top of India.

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  • Hope you like it #237
  • Hope you like it #232
  • 100% custom text, no commercial fonts, designed specifically for this project. #201
  • crisp high impact modern logo #181
  • A concept for Expat India, where the initials E inverted so that there is an empty space that make up the arrows, for the initials X is the uppercase and lowercase letters in the PAT so that visible variation, text INDIA under the EX. thanks #176
  • A concept for Expat India, where the initials E larger. in the middle row and bottom initials E met with Xpat, on that side looks like an arrow in the Logo FEDEX. that by chance happened and I do not intend to imitate logos. in india given text italic writing with the color Orange as in initials E. entirety Logo Horizontal visible. thanks #175
  • A concept for Expat India, where initial X with Orange colors look more dominant with a circle above her. An initial X looks like a child being raised hands, thanks #172
  • Feedback would be great #156
  • Unique concept #154
  • NICE #133
  • NICE #132
  • NICE #131
  • GREAT #130
  • mock up of magazine is used only for demo purpose. #118
  • mockup is used only for demo purpose. #117
  • mock up is used only for demo purpose. #116
  • About #100, @paulhs
    Hi, you would like the arrow between the letters E &X.
  • regards #91
  • raa
    Submitting new option for your review. #90
  • raa
    Comments and feedback welcome #8
    • @raa we want the Expt to be more diminant

    • @raa we want the Expt to be more dominant