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Winning design #542 by cyanmatt, Logo Design for Exposure to over 1 million people & credit on every page of our website. LOGO for Luxury Service Co Contest
Gold Medal


  • Very cute, but I think it would be hard to make a "brand" and strays from luxury, but definitely cute and creative :) ...welcome to try again, remember we are aiming for corporations & people who make $100,000+ a year... and this logo will need to stand out as a "brand" on the subway in the nicer areas of Boston
  • Think you accidentally placed this in our contest
  • Gib & all of your wonderful submissions :) I like this one the best so far... maybe take the type in "yoga" from #80 and replace it with the yoga here... also I'm not a huge fan of the symbols you used to surround the center... maybe try versions of the OM or cherry blossom vines, or... what ever comes into your wonderful creative mind :)
  • I love this as a stand alone piece of art, well done :) ...as our logo I would like to see a more relaxed calm figure like the seated ones you can see in the other submissions (I don't focus a lot of my business on teaching the physical poses of yoga anymore)... also something other than the apple, maybe just a circle... and some new font revisions... I do see where you were going with the several symbols and again love it as artwork, but just a few little changes to get it to stand out above the rest logo :) Thank you
  • of the three (including #81 & #82) I like this one the best, but it's still not quite calling out to us...maybe play with the placement and style of type? ...& if you went with blue maybe a darker blue color
  • I love the direction you were going with this, but the figure in the middle is very similar to the Chopra Centers dancing OM, which as one of their certified teachers I wear as a necklace around my neck every day... so maybe another go at a new calmer more zen abstract figure?
  • I think this is pretty, but to us feels a little dated... any way to modernize it a little more?
  • Rares, I love this one & #63 too, but can't put my finger on what would make it stand out as a logo more... if you have time to play with it I was thinking maybe instead of the circle you could somehow incorporate the OM symbol or a version of the OM symbol that somehow is uniquely ours... kind of like what my brother had started to work with in our current logo instead of the circle line.
  • Great...there are 3 new versions in 3 different colour shapes. I've you want, that I#m going to improve anything on the Logo, tell me...I will do. Like your business and it would be a really pleasure to see my sign on your stuff. Thanks till now.
  • wow! Fantastic job! This one... absolutely beautiful. I'm going to place it the same ranking as the top right now. I'm wanting to study everything and deeply consider the vision I'm looking for before I move anyone above 90... if you ever need more admission credits let me know
  • beautiful... not sure which I like better... I'm going to add them both to the top for now while I give what I have so far a good amount of time thinking over what I want to convey and which states it best :) ...if you ever need credits for more submissions let me know :)
  • I had no idea that's how this works... ok I talked to customer service and went around clicking see revisions so you should have many new credits :)
  • How to I give you admission?
  • I apologize for it taking so long for me to comment, this morning I think I have a better grasp of how to bring this closer to our vision... I'm not that fond of the extra detail that was specifically added to the person (not to say I wouldn't like detail, but maybe play around with it a little more), also I'd like to see a softer shape as the background, rounded edges maybe a circle... if you choose circle maybe change the type around a little to have it wrap the outside of the figure...and a darker color... I think this will help bring this closer to the winner :) Thank you
  • DEAR CH, I've done a new version of the #27, but I'm not allowed to load it up. Please give me the admission to load my new work up. Thanks!
  • CoveR, maybe you can walk me through this one... what were your thoughts in creating it? That way I can get a good sense of where you were headed and try to put us on the same path :)
  • Much closer to what we are looking for than your first submission :) ...I want toe logo to be able to stand alone without the type as uniquely ours so play around a little more... maybe the sphere somehow intertwined with the Y & D of our name... also what does it look like with the sphere in place of the "O" in yoga?
  • ...& the type style more like you have it in #24
  • I love this type with this logo better than the newest #89 & #91 type changes... can I see this with the om symbol in the middle of the chest?
  • I love this one and the pedals are so beautiful, but I couldn't quite point out how to turn it from a beautiful artistic piece to a logo. after your newest adds I think I know... I would love to see the pedals in this one on both sides like #85-#87 with the add of the OM symbol please :)