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Winning design #125 by CreativeMedia, Logo Design for Expressions Jewelry & Accessories, Contest
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Project description

I would like the colors to be red, white, and gray. My company is and jewelry, accessories, and handbag direct sales company. I would like for the word Expressions to be more pronounced and then Jewelry & Accessories. The word Expressions should be close to the (pictorial mark or something) logo. The words Jewelry & Accessories can be under Expressions. The clientele is women from the globe and sales consultants that sell for Expressions at home parties and vendor events. I'm looking for a luxury, not stuffy, logo that is eye catching to women and men. I am rebranding my company and need something new and fresh.

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  • how about this sir? #209
  • nice logo #205
  • I really like the top logo with the white background. #125
    • About #125, @shermainehr Thank you so much :) Looking forward for the finalization :)

  • MODERN #190
  • luxury and modern #189
  • # LUXURY
  • I like this one, but you spelled Expressions incorrect. You forgot an S in Expressions. #170
    • About #170, @shermainehr

      sorry for that. I sent a revised design with correct text.
      Any change you need i will do it with pleasure.
      bye, bye

  • Please check this,

    Waiting for feedback now...

    Thanks #173
  • Hi,

    Check this new logo...feel free to ask for any changes,

    Waiting for feedback now.

    Thanks #172
  • Please change the background to white on this on and #153.
    • Dab

      @shermainehr Thanks for you feedback.I submit the revision already, if you want to change again, do not hesitate to tell regadts Yoga Prasetya.

  • Jewelry is not spelled correctly. It's should be Jewelry NOT JAWERLY. Please change the background to white. #152
  • hello, please say something about the logo I created, what this logo fit what you're looking for #150
  • hello, please say something about the logo I created, what this logo fit what you're looking for #143
  • Simple logo with wordmark style, because I think the logo Jelwelry, or jewelry should not use a diamond icon.

    I hope you like my work.

    thank you
    Warm Regards #136
  • I really like this one....this one is right on point. Nice! #125
    • @shermainehr thank you so much. rate my design as well.

  • About #1, @rojali

    Hi! Can you change the color of Jewelry & Accessories to red and add a diamon or necklace over the letter "I " in Expressions. Also add the red box like toy have around the other logo that you created. I like it, but with those changes.
    • About #1,
      Like you did, not toy.

    • @shermainehr sorry, please tell me something about the logo I created, whether the logo I do not fit what you would expect. Your input is very useful for me

  • My try. #119
  • My try,hope you like it. #118
  • My try. #117
  • My try. #116