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Winning design #146 by antoneofull, Logo Design for Back2MyPlace Contest
Gold Medal

designed by antoneofull

Project description

Please note.... new title is Back2MyPlace Our company is called back2myplace and we are seeking designers to come up with an iconic logo design that will eventually be distributed through a global franchise system. We will be opening our first venue in Miami Florida. This will provide an after hours VIP social arena where "trend setters" and professional people in the know can frequent after the clubs and bars are closed, to enjoy a relaxed classic atmosphere of live music and excellent coffee and wine from around the world.

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  • Hi CH, I uploaded the design #7. Please feedback. Thank you.
  • Hello Contest Holder, I have submitted a new design entry #24. I hope it attracted a bit the Miami-Florida look&feel. Have a great day.
  • HI CH plz see my design no 21 and 22 thanks hope u like it. i need ur feedback.
    • Good work. I really like the font you have used and both pieces have great feel to them. What is the thought pattern behind the square blocks?

  • Hi Clloyd19 I have submitted some new designs entry #18 and #19 Is there anything you would like to change on my entries? please let me know. Thank you Zeus
  • Thank you, but not what we're looking for.
    • Actually your design is one of the ones that we are looking at early on in the competition, I eliminated you by mistake. You are back up. Sorry. I quite like your design but find it a little too sterile and bleak feeling, but there are some interesting elements that I like. The composition, and the round circles. NB, have you seen the new brief that I posted? Regards, C.

  • I'm really feeling a lot of these designs. Would be interesting to see the wording in a straight line or curved (something slick and stylish maybe) just to get a different look before the conclusion. Keep up the good work.
  • This is I think one of the favorites. You have used some vision, and I like the circles, that assume represent stools, add some colour and be more playful. Wording seems masculine, but suits the boxed approach... Needs more discussion with our group.
    • Yes, they are bar stools. I pictured it like wine/martini high end place. I will try a few other things and colors and to try to see if I can make it more playful without losing the class.

  • Again, like this concept... Similar thoughts
  • I like this, as you have played with the 2, to look like a shoe... Remove the food and tone down the wording to be less masculine
  • I like the concept, but dislike the food (or I think that's what it is?)
  • The words are cartoonish and lacks impact. Looks more like a sweet shop...
  • Interesting, Colours need changing and a little to masculine. Needs to be more playful
  • Nice idea, a little cartoonish. No Iconic and lacks presence. The word II, not in our business name
  • Nice idea, but feel it lacks presence, also the word TO is not in our business name...
  • I am not sure what the symbols are? Assume cups? The wording is masculine and stark
  • I like the colours and concept... Little to busy the the B in the background and on top... A little to masculine, need to be a little more playful and think of boutique
  • The door looks over powering and may not suit the right image... Almost reminds me of a warehouse building. But the concept is good
    • Dear CH i see what you mean, what about #65 #79 #80 ? Kind Regards

  • Looks classy, but lost in the text if you were to try and find the place... Needs to be legible
    • Thank you for your feedback. I have submit few changes according to the typeface and I add some color for your consideration. I hope you like this #71 and #72

  • I am not sure what has happened to the 2?
    • if you look closer in background of 2 it is "TO" and "2" in one. Kind Regards

    • |--|

      seegor {*wrote*}:
      if you look closer in background of 2 it is "TO" and "2" in one. Kind Regards
      |--| Thanks, If am unsure, others will be... Not what we want

  • Like the concept and thank you for the changes... It looks better, but we need something Iconic
    • Dear clloyd19 Could you explain what you mean by ironic? I can try it again. Regards

    • |--|

      Cassia {*wrote*}:
      Dear clloyd19 Could you explain what you mean by ironic? I can try it again. Regards
      |--| Thank you for the reply. The word is ICONIC...