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Winning design #90 by whoosef, Logo Design for FabFreeFiles logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by whoosef

Project description

We are launching a website that will sell stock files such as photos, vector / 3D art, video files and illustrations. What will make our site different are the file types available, ranging from jpeg to png and psd transparencies, giving designers and agencies choice. Our site will either be FabFreeFoto or FabFreeFiles. Either one, we would like the logo to gravitate around those 3 "F" letters, or it can be one "F" also. The logo should be modern, yet be edgy. It could also represent "creativity" and "variety". The site uses 2 main color gradients for its design; (In Photoshop) #296e7d to #219aa5 (Blue) and #fb9101 to #ffb003 (Orange). So the logo should also have the same colors, or it can also be white, black or grey. Here's a logo we've made, which we like but we find it represents only photography: http://www.fabfreefoto.com/images/fabfreefoto_logo_01.png Some ideas: - Perhaps having the letter F cutout into a thicker square. - Could be nice to have the logo composed of the 3 main file types we will sell on the site; (photo / vector / 3D) ... represented by (pixels / anchors / and depth) - But without being too complicated

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  • Hi I'v submitted #5 #6 #7 #8 I'm waiting for your feedback Thank you so much
  • #32 I like this version a lot. I prefer without the square hinges you added in the other versions. Could you try to make a version where the F is cutout into the shapes, instead of having them with some shadow like you did. Thanks!
  • #18 I like a lot ... simple yet effective. Suggestions: 1) could you close the box with the same blue outlines? 2) Could you add some definition, perhaps with gradients, etc.? 3) Could you play around and see if you can integrate a hint of photography and vector (you already hint to 3D with that).
  • #19 The logo is a little complicated ... am I supposed to see something representational? I see the F but can't define the rest.
  • #12 I like this idea ... perhaps work on the F to make our own (more unique / original). Like that it might look too much like Facebook or Adobe Flash.
  • #15 and #16 I pondered this idea a lot so I like, although could you place the letters like this: http://www.kx96online.com/Pics/Blogs/1002447/1%20Triple%20F%20logo-005.JPG and perhaps give me some more versions. Just like that the logo might respresent 3D ... could you do something to represent also photo and vector, without complicating the design? But you're on the right track!
  • gave two options because could'nt decide which one was better
  • hey, check my logo #11 , tell me if you like it and if i should make changes Thank you!
  • #9 and #10 I like what you have done ... perhaps a little too minimalist.
  • Dear CH, my proposals are #9 and #10 ! Hope you like the design concept . Best Regards, João Santos
  • ahh, sorry, i forgot ... the square represent the database, and the 3 litle squares, represents the distribution arround the www . Thank you
  • Dear CH, about #9 #10 . Any suggestion ? Best Regards, João Santos
  • #66 Like this example: http://fabfreefoto.com/images/fabfreefoto_logo_jeejee.jpg
  • #66 I really like this simple version, but could you just test something? Placing a layer in the back, like on open folder: http://icons.iconseeker.com/ico/sleek-xp-basic/folder-open-12.ico Since your logo is slanted to the side, there's room on the bottom right to add a small open folder.
  • #63 Just a personal opinion, this is an intelligent choice :) Good design... Jctoledo
  • #77 and #76 - i know that i have wrote bad "freefabfiles" i correct if you like the concept of the logo. Best Regards
  • Hello fabfree, I hope you like the design that I've submitted! Please disregard the first submission (#72) with the black background - I am new to DesignContest and was unaware that a transparent background is black by default in the thumbnail. My second submission (#73) with the white background has the correct background color. Thank you for your consideration, cjmcc
  • try to check my revision sir entry #66, #67, #69. thank you sir
  • Hi fabfree here is the revise you requested #63, thank you so much for the feedback and rate. hope you like it.
  • #57 Could you place the squares a little closer together, so that the F seems to be the grey square underneath?