The workflow is intuitive and the process is well thought. However there are a few rough edges : - After 2/3 of the time, I received submissions by a few designers that seemed to rip off other ideas, would be nice to flag this - A few designers seemed to not read the brief at all. Would be nice to flag this too - It's painful to try to rate the submissions, especially on a phone, rate changed when I tried to scroll down the page, etc.

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Winning design #136 by hon3, Logo Design for facture123.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hon3

Project description

Invoicing 123 is an online billing software for freelance workers.

The name of the app is language dependent (French and English for now) so the logo must not use words.
The logo will be used on the site header, favicon, facebook page, email communications from the site and it will be printed in the footer of invoices generated with the software.

Logo should inspire:
 1) trust / security
 2) ease of use / friendlyness / simplicity
 3) efficiency

Designer desiring to test the software may apply directly on the website for a free 1 month trial.

Winner of the contest will receive a lifetime free subscription if desired.

All applicants that will submit original and good quality logos will receive one year free subscription if desired.

For any questions, feel free to contact me!

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  • Hello, @emile_beaudry
    Please let me know if you need any changes.
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  • I have posted a fresh design concept here , kindly check and please send me your views..

    Regards #127
  • Does not comply with brief. #126
  • raa
    Comments and feedback welcome #124
  • beautiful design #116
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  • how about this one? #105
  • Improved vesrion, please take a look! Thank you. #92
  • First of all, thank you everyone for your submissions!

    Here are a the main criteria for my evaluation of submissions:
    - The image is key
    + The image alone will serve as a mark for the brand. I like logos where the image can be used without the name (must fit in a square or
    + Fonts suggested are not very important and I may change the font to match the site (Quicksand) of the winning design
    - originality
    + If I select an idea, I will favor the original creator and not improvements over an existing design submitted earlier by someone else
    - meaning
    + If value designs wher I can relate the image to the product
    - feeling is more important than description
    + I value images that gives me a feeling related to the main points in the brief over a descriptive pictogram
    + I wish the logo to be fun, something that makes me forget invoicing is accounting (accounting is not really fun)

    Although I evaluate the submissions for now, a team of my associates and selected clients will judge the finalists once the contest is over.

    For those of you who are interested in a free subscription to the invoicing software, let me know before the winner is chosen.
  • About #84, @emile_beaudry Thats how it looks on youe site. If you want some changes or improvment, just let me know. Thank you.
    • About #84, @Asiral Thant you for that ( athough
      I did not have problems imagining your logo on the site).

      Here are some comments that came from the selection team about your logo (keep in mind that not everyone has given me an opinion at this point and that I don't personally agree with what was said):
      - one person found the numbers were hard to read
      - one person doesn't get the link between the piled three circles.

      I am keeping your submission until the final round. If we select your design, we may go on with minor modifications but your idea is  pretty clear to me.

  • Hi CH, thanks for feedback and please check out my updated design #65 and #66, regards...
    • @epaper Hello epaper. These 2 submission give a "cheap" feeling, suggesting the product is not robust. I'm not sure explicitly describing the product in an image (invoice, enveloppe) is the right way to go. The image must inspire feelings more than thoughts.

  • There is an error in the name. Font police is not really important, you'd better stick with the police used on website.
    Image part does not seem to be related to product. #81
    • About #81, @emile_beaudry

  • I like the image part of your submission. Simple yet it looks like piles of papers. I'm not fond of police you selected however. If your submission is selected to be the winning submission, I'll probably keep the Quicksand police used on the website. #78