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Winning design #90 by PaintedPony, Logo Design for Fallbright Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PaintedPony

Project description

"Fallbright" is a new communications company that specialises in wine bottle photography and and wine production in Australia. The logo should be modern and dynamic to encapsulate cutting edge photographic techniques, but also reflect the seasonal nature of wine production. Explore subtle depth in the logo (ie: shadow, reflection or texture) Use black and white with a touch of autumn (season) colour palette. The word Fallbright comes from a wine clarifying method where the sediment in a wine falls away to leave a clarified liquid. Please avoid literal symbolism, wine glasses, bottles, cameras etc. though cleaver visual references are encouraged.

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  • It wasn't until you resubmitted that I realised what you were doing with the camera shape in the first entry. Sorry. I like the camera shape but I think it needs to be clearer. maybe another "swoosh" across the bottom. the leaf bottle is great.
  • Not bad, sort of exploring ideas already entered though. I like it overall but I'd like to see new entries find new ideas.
  • Wow, this entry is a step in a fabulous new direction. don't have any notes. A contender
  • Great redraft, I did like the original lens flare though. A single stream of bubbles is enough (to many bubbles in wine is a winemaking mistake). Also can you include aperture blades around the edge of the inside of the lens.
  • nice idea but overall feel is ridged and familiar
  • A little to old worldy
  • great leaf shape but the font is a bit to classical. Try something more clean and dynamic.
  • A little to lollie and firefox for us
  • A design concept already being explored by other entries. I like it but I wont rate it because I's like to see new ideas from new entries. Thank you
  • Dear CH, I have uploaded my design, #29 . Feedback is greatly appreciated. lmd
  • your entry is too much like entry 4 http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/fallbright/entry/17/report/
  • Dear CH, I've done some revisions per your feedback. See #24 As I am new to the site and only level 1 I can only post a maximum of 3 designs at this point so please do rate the designs so I can submit more revisions following your feedback. Thank you
  • About #16 & #17 Dear CH So many thanks for your feedback, Here is my revision for you Hope you like :) Thanks & Regards Mohit
  • very nice, perhaps the concept would be clearer if you could see through the lens. or a fine strip of bubbles rising in the wine. Great idea, I like it a lot.
  • Dear CH, Thank you for your feedback. #11 and #12 are revisions of #9 Regards.
  • Nice entry. drop the communications and enlarge the camera and bring it closer to the font to balance the overall layout. Solid work.
  • Tank you for all the designs so far. Some really top notch work so far. I have commented on all the designs that have been posted, so each of you should have things to think about. To new entries please think outside the box. Some of the comments I made have not found there way here so don't follow a design theme because I left positive comments. I'm more interested in new ideas!! I will say this, minimal is working better and subtle depth is catching my eye. Thank you all again very strong work.
  • Not bad, a bit elementary though. Where is the pictorial mark? Thank you
  • A bit to 80's
  • A strong first entry. I think overall it is a bit busy. Loose the flare, star, top swoosh. I would also like to see you explore vine leafs instead of bubbles and maybe a bottle instead of a glass. Nice work.