We loved this concept because not only is it simple but it conveys everything we stand for. It consists of an "F," a less than sign & an equal sign all together.


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Winning design #1121 by rifalff, Logo Design for FAMELESS Apparel Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rifalff

Project description

Hi, we are starting a clothing brand called Fameless Apparel. We are passionate about fitness gear but also casual streetwear. Just so you get a better idea of what Fameless stands for: FAMELESS doesn't mean no one knows who you are. FAMELESS doesn't mean that you are nobody. FAMELESS is doing right without recognition. FAMELESS embraces the idea that we are all unique but all equal. No one is above the rest. Our passion is to provide everyone with true authenticity.

So, basically we want to be a brand of clothing that doesn't feel exclusive to people. We are about being inclusive.

We want something else that could really relate to what we stand for. A mark that shows equality between everyone & that no one is above the rest. We want something simple, yet edgy that would look great in the corner of a t-shirt. We want you guys to have creative freedom in connecting our logo to FAMELESS. Keep the logo black, white or grey. Keep other colors out of it.

Also, make sure to have a mark in addition to the word Fameless. We don't want our logo to be just the word Fameless. 

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