Family Centric Chiropractic office needs a fun design!

This was my first experience with It went really well. I was overwhelmed with the amount of entries at first but finally got the hang of how to rule each entry in or out. I love my new logo and will definitely recommend this website to anyone that needs a new design!

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Winning design #27 by RicardoBarroz, Logo Design for Family Centric Chiropractic office needs a fun design! Contest
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designed by RicardoBarroz

Project description

I work primarily with the spine and nervous system so I would like to see a spine incorporated into the design if possible. The colors that I'd like are teal and ocean blues. I'm open to other colors as accents. I'm not sure what else I want in the design. I just want it to be inviting to families and children but not super cartoon-y.

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  • Hi CH, The logo uses a stylized version of a pregnant woman, keeping with your focus on families and pregnancies. Also, while a realize the spine is larger in proportion to her actual back, I made it larger so it would be more prominent in contrast to the figure. Again, it is more stylized and not anatomically accurate. Thanks! Mark
  • Dear CH, Concept in entry #2 as you may see, focused on Pregnancy, children & family yet with clearly aim to chriropractics. Hope you like it. Best regards, -- jjy
  • #24, a nice professional, clean design with a focus on the name Strouse. I can make changes if required.
  • Dear Contest Holder, I really loved the brief for this, so I went as creative as I could on my design #17, without compromising the professionalism of your practice. I kept to the colour story you provided, and I decided to go with an abstract, clean and crisp representation of the vertebrae of the spine. The effect I think is professional, crisp, calming and memorable. I added a slightly different colour story for the same design with #18, because I thought that perhaps the bright colours would suggest a child-friendly practice, in keeping with your family oriented business. Of course, any suggestions or amendments to text, layout or colour would be greatly appreciated, and I'll do my best to bring you the very best design I can. #20 and #21 are a very playful take on the brief. I did read that you didn't want something too cartoonish, but I just wanted to show you an idea that you might like some elements of. It's quirky and interesting, and I liked the look of the spine on the stegosaurus. #22 and #23 are simple but classic, I just kept it very clean and simple with minimum interference to get the point across. The spine is represented in an abstract way again, with a calming colour that I thought would give a feeling of relaxation and relief for your clientele. Of course, I'd be happy to make any amendments you suggest, for colour, layout, etc. Any Feedback would be most welcome. Many thanks! :)
  • I used a family for this one. Hope you like it. Thank you. Regards.
  • I used a pregnant woman for this one with the spine showing. Kept it simple.
  • #14 ..hi ch ..please have a look i have represented spine as delicate as stem of flower.since spine is very imp part..if want some change ..tell me.thank you
  • Dear Contest Holder, with the design of the family and the font type of Your company I wanted to express the friendliness and fun You've expected to see. I'm looking forward to make any modificattions (change of colours, font type, modernization, etc.) if you like the main concept. Regards, humbuk007
  • I've corrected the design, and uploaded the new version.
  • Background not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Dear CH, I present to your attention my logo concept for your company. In the logo I combined spinе and feather. The spinе as a symbol of chiropractic and feather as a symbol of lightness. I think the two symbols together in the logo present the main purpose of your job. The logo is with clear and profesional design who is easy recognizable. Hope you like it! Best Regards, Crowny
  • I have uploaded the .zip folder. Tell me if you re ok with it or if I miss something, or anything else you need. Thanks
  • Dear CH, thank you very much for your high evaluation. Should you have any request that could improve the design don't hesitate to tell me, i'm open for any modification. Best wishes, humbuk007