Family Portrait, Wedding, and Lifestyle Photography Business Needs Playful/Fun and Classy Logo!

I've had a great experience using for my logo design needs and have had a great experience working back and forth with bowman on the new logo design for my photography business. I will definitely use again for future design needs!

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Winning design #68 by bowman, Logo Design for Family Portrait, Wedding, and Lifestyle Photography Business Needs Playful/Fun and Classy Logo! Contest
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designed by bowman

Project description

I am looking for a logo for my website located at Random ideas I had in mind for themes: Some form of panda bear with a camera with the name of my business incorporated somewhere. I'd like a full logo where the text 'Bertrand Hui Photography' can be incorporated along the right-hand side (one or two rows of text) of the logo and if so desired, I'd be able to take the logo without the 'Bertrand Hui Photography' part and use it as the signature visual object on a business card. Font-wise, I'm not looking for edgy/sharp fonts, but something a little softer. In summary, I'm trying to convey that 1) I'm Asian, 2) Photo shoots with me are fun/playful/low-stress and 3) I'm classy/professional. As far as colors go: I'd like the ability to take a logo and have it fit in whatever color scheme I may choose in the future, but am open to entries that fit with the current color scheme of my website.

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  • hi stroodle, can we use the background of the website? if we can do you must ask designcontest team to know that! thanks
  • I tried a slightly different approach of placing a panda in a shutter, or rather a suggestion of one. It may be too bland, but I appreciate your consideration.
  • my apologies... misspelled your name :0)
  • more terminator than wedding photography.
  • doesn't really evoke classy emotion - more terminator than wedding.
  • CH- Per your request here are the two variations (#27 + #28) on my first and second logos. Also I submitted one with a similar font as the first but I think its a little more readable. I think this is one of my favorites so far. Please let me know what you like. (#29)
  • Like the concept - not too fond of the rainbow coloring of the text. Perhaps some color combination of black/maroon
  • Love the fonts used, like the graphic you came up with in your second entry.
  • still too teddy-bear-like.
  • I love the logo here! Script-wise, I'd like to see two different versions. 1) I love the fonts used in your first entry. I'd like to see one with this logo and the fonts used in #11, and 2) this graphic, fonts used in #11, but with 'photography' justified to the right, and each letter tighter together.
  • A little too cartoony - I wouldn't feel right using this as a logo for a photographer who photographs weddings.
  • too busy-looking
  • too busy-looking
  • hi, here is my first design, hope you'll like it :) thanks.
  • too kung-fun panda-like
  • too kung-fun panda-like
  • too cartoony
  • #4 Sorry, here is the right one #15
  • About #10 Changed the font. This font is simple and modern. Thanks!
  • Definitely closer to what I'm looking for than the previous scripty font, but looking at the fotn reminds me of the television show Bewitched, which isn't what I'm aiming for. I like the photography offset right at the bottom - but I'd like to see what it would be like with photography spread out, all caps, along the length of Bertrand Hui - possible?