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Winning design #45 by kwik, Logo Design for FANASit Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kwik

Project description

• FANASit LLC stands for Find A Need And Serve it. • We’re a small startup that focuses on product development. • Logo should convey message of “problem identification to solution.” • Logo design should include the business name “FANASit LLC” with caps where shown.

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  • Hi CH, can you give me some feedback for my design? thanks
  • hi CH... is there any examples of logos as you'd expect thanks
    • Not sure what you're asking. I have n examples to offer

  • pretty good message in this draft; I like arrow, bright spot around symbol, etc.; don't like orange color; can you change colors, make more crisp, and take it to the next level?
  • having a hard time relating to the symbol; I don't know what it is or what the message is (eyeball, magnifying glass?)
  • LLC emphasis should be reduced; not sure about F logo being on top; like the arrow concept; thinking about colors
  • This one is among the best. I like the font and message. If the colors are found to be too common, I may as for alternatives.
    • Hi CH, please see my update design....i hope you like thanks

  • Try moving the top symbol to servae as the F in FANASit. LLC is too large.
  • Looks to be in the top three. Font is a little too wide; LLC is too large; thinking about colors.
  • I'd like to see a change in colors (and no orange). IS the a more cris font? This is one of the top three.
  • I don't want to go with any light bulbs, as this is so common in the product development field.
  • Pretty far off the mark. I don't see the message here.
  • I don't like the angle of the image. The "IT" should be lower case as specified.
  • I'm assuming you have lost interest, as you did not respond at all
  • Please try solid red and blue similar to what I said for your #34
  • This one is looking good. Please try solid colors, rather than the progressive change.
  • your entry is too much like entry 4 be original
  • Can I see this in red and blue
    • see #34 thanks

  • Please try different colors
    • Yes sure, Will do that i was thinking about it , will submit new color variation soon, I just submitted #31, #32 and #33.

  • Hi Ch, thank you for the feedback and rating points for #11, I just submitted #30, looking forward for your feedback! Best regards, Anaid
  • This one may be the best of this series. I will see if my advisors say tomorrow
    • Hey CH is there any edits you would like me to do to mine #16 please let me know