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Winning design #109 by GinamosBulad, Logo Design for Far Sight Marketing (www.farsightm.com) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GinamosBulad

Project description

We are looking for a professional looking logo for our company Far Sight Marketing (www.farsightm.com). We offer marketing services to our clients such as email marketing and internet marketing. Please make sure the logo matches the color scheme on our existing website (www.farsightm.com). We want something that is easy to read and tell what it says. Nothing that is cartoon or funny looking - we need something very professional looking, but catchy. Nothing complex - very simple yet bold and creative.

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  • Can we please see this one without the glossy background on the "fsm" part of the logo. Not saying we do not like it, just want to see it without it. Thank you.
    • Please see #33. Do you have any more creative direction on how I can make improvements/redisign of the logo you are looking for? thank you, eRic

  • We like this one more than your other one; try putting the "FSM" logo on the left then stack Far on top of Sight on top of Marketing on the right hand side. Then, please make the font/style more creative/custom looking. Thank you
  • Try stacking the "Far" then "Sight" then "Marketing" on the right hand side and the logo on the left hand side. Still, please make the Far Sight Marketing text more creative/custom looking. Thank you.
    • Thank you for the direction. how about this one. see #27. Hope i did it right. Good luck

  • We like the "FSM", but want the "Far Sight Marketing" part to be more custom/creative looking. Thank you.
  • Thank you!
  • Can we please see this one with the vertical line in the same blue color as the text. Thank you.
  • This does look very professional, but we still want something more creative/custom looking. Thank you.
  • Better, but we are not liking the "FSM" theme that you have been giving us. Thank you!
  • Same with this one - something really creative and custom looking. Thank you.
  • We will want something more custom/creative for the FSM. Thank you!
  • Please something a more creative/custom looking for the FSM and the other text. Thank you!
  • Thank you for making changes, but we still want something please more creative and custom looking. Thank you!
  • Much better.
  • Maybe try having this same "fsm" logo on the left of the "far sight marketing" text, then put the "far sight marketing" text on the right but stack the text so it goes "far" on top, then "sight" underneath it, then "marketing" on the bottom. Divide the logo and the text with a vertical line. Let's see it that way and with different colors like blues, grays, and blacks. Thank you!
    • Thank you for your suggestions. Great improvement! Please see #23. thanks again, eRic

  • We like how you did the "Far Sight Marketing" text and your color choices, but want something a little more creative/custom looking for the "FSM" logo. Thank you!
  • Please something more creative for the "FSM" and the "Far Sight Marketing". We did ask for simple, but we still want it looking very creative and professional.
  • We would like "FSM" as part of the logo and please make "Far Sight Marketing" more custom looking for the font/style. Thank you!
  • We like the creativity, but the "FSM" is not easily seen as "FSM". And please make "Far Sight Marketing" in a more creative/custom looking font/style. Thank you!
  • This looks more like something for a sports company. We want something more business/professional looking. Thank you!
  • Please have "Far Sight Marketing" in a more custom looking font/style. Thank you!