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Winning design #93 by ZukiH, Logo Design for fashion stylist seeking a design that is anything but ordinary Contest
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designed by ZukiH

Project description

I need a logo with my organization’s name that will depict my work as professional yet eccentric

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  • #204 and #205 Dear Misha, please check my new concept thanks
  • hello mish1489 whats your opinion about this design
  • #203 Dear Misha, please check my revision with different colors. little more unisex. thanks
  • Hello, this are my proposed logo design, I try to reflect the style of your work, which is very artistic, professional and it has a punk rock vibe. I really hope you like them.Feedback and suggestions are very welcome. #201 #202
  • diff colors - not as bold and a little more unisex.
  • I like it but would prefer different colors- more neutral
  • Hello! Here's my contribution to your project, an eccentric and peculiar font, with dark colors, to represent class. Thank you.
  • About #192 Hi Misha! Here's a vertical version of #146. You can use "MZ" just to represent your name or use it all together with "makeup". Thank you
  • Hi Misha, I submitted another revision. I hope you like it.
  • dear mish1480 .. i submit this design hope you like it
  • #181 Dear Contest Holder, this design concept is feminine makeup & beauty. stylist fonts and color.
  • #174 and #175 Dear Contest Holder, Would you please check my design concept, its more feminine logo. Any revision will be done. thanks
  • i am not able to send you more revision because i am not pemitted to submit any more entry.. tell me the way mish
  • sir place your reviews.. so i could send another entry .. because it was my last entry allowed
  • colors maybe?
  • different colors plz - less bold
  • can u make the m more complete so it’s a little easier to read? and I like how you made one version 2 colors with the k and e a different color...
  • this is a new revision .... of the previous one as u suggested
  • hi Misha, Please have a look at #170. Thanks.
  • MISHA kindly send me review so i could send you the revised logo