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Winning design #93 by smarttaste, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by smarttaste

Project description

I own cellphone repair company. I need logo , I have logo in mind I want, I need help improving it allot. You can view from my website the current look of the logo, I also have another version of the logo that I want to integrate into the logo.

please visit my site and view the background logo also , all three logos are different, I just need one

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  • logo design #110
  • bagaimana tuan #105
  • bagaimama tuan? #104
  • Hi dear I hope you like my simple logo design.. #95
  • hi sir , i create a simple logo , with screwdriver at the botom , and the star point screw as the "dot" on the com..
    i make this kompleks but still simple as a logo.. hope you like this sir ...
    please rate and give a feedback..
    thanks :) #91
  • Dear CH,
    I hope you like my designs, please feedback, I am ready to revise .... greeting me .. #83
  • feedback please.,

    regards. #82
  • hey i really like your design, can you integrate pentalope type design into middle of logo, hear is a image of it / #72
    • About #72, @fastfixcellrepair
      Sure sir.. i will update ASAP. please waiting..

  • please check again Sir.,

    regards. #79
  • About #77, @followme

    hello can you ingrate pentalope into middle of this design , this is example of one
  • please check.,

    regards. #77
  • About #15, @oeroenoejah

    hello i like your design , I do have request can you some how ingrate FastFixCell in to the logo maybe fade it in or try different colors, but I do like what you started
  • hello i like this logo , can you change the tool inside of the phone, that tool isnt used to repair phones, i do understand it universal tool for repair , but if you are able to change it to pentalope type design thank you , looks great so far #74
  • Hi, Please have a look at the logo. I hope it will meet your requirement. #70
  • i am try icon cell #55
  • feedback please #53
  • Simple design. I hope you like it #34
  • I hope you like it #31
  • Simple design. I hope you like it. Please feedback #30
  • I hope you like it #29