Fayvorite Croshay Co.

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Winning design #60 by dreamerme, Logo Design for Fayvorite Croshay Co. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by dreamerme

Project description

I need a Croshet logo designed. I need it to look like a croshet logo with a croshet needle included somewhere in the logo. I also would like the text to look like croshet yarn if possible. yes i want the text spelled (Fayvorite Croshay CO.)

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  • this would be a nice logo if the text looked like yarn
  • Hi CH Throw in a word or two about my attempts #24, #26 and #27. The original work is vector so at better detail, but don't want to break the rules. Disregard #23, i exported it very low resolution by mistake. Note that colors can be changed and adjusted to whatever, I used these since you had no preference in the brief. Cheers
  • Hello CH, I have submitted a new design for you to take a look at #21, #22. Let me know if you would like to see any changes or adjustments done to these. Any feedback or points is very appreciated. I really enjoyed working on your logo, it was fun! Sara
  • Hi, I will work on some improvements to #13 and add a needle in the design....stay tuned :0) DM
  • is there anyway you can include a needle in this logo? I love this logo
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #13 for your review..... thank you, DM
  • see if you can make the text letters look like they were croshay. Be creative and original. Thanks
  • please be more creative.
  • Hi CH, I submitted #51 with the correct spelling...sorry about that. thanks, DM
  • Hi CH No feedback for my latest modifications? Regards, Andrei
  • want croshay not croshet.
  • Hi CH Regarding 32, i submit some variations, with other writting styles for the croshay part. See #43, #44 amd #45. Also put in a new one also 2 variants #46 and #47. Any modifications to be done? Thanks
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #36 as a revision to a previous design. thank you, DM
  • can you fix the V in the logo and show this same logo on a all white background? This is by far the best
  • HI CH, Any thoughts or suggestions on #34? Thanks! Sara
  • Hello CH, I've submitted another entry (#33) in which I've changed the yarn and added a few variations with a different color and with a font that looks more like the yarn. Waiting for a comment. Best regards, Iridith
  • i like this logo but the F should not bleed into the R. also the word croshay has to be understood without 2nd guessing what it says. Cn u make the text look like its spelled with yarn?
  • Hi CH I did another yarn ball for 30, and these two turned out: #31 and #32. They are both vector format. Please have a couple of words about them. Do you want me to insert one of these yarnballs into other previous designs? Cheers!
  • this logo would look much better if you stick with the croshay theme.
  • Hi CH, Any feedback or suggestions for #21? Thank You!