This contest was successful. I tried this on another site and it wasn't successful and the design quality was lacking. I had a hard time picking a winner in this one but Junifer really did an excellent job. I am pleased with the result and excited to see the brand take on a new shape with this new logo to start off the process.

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Winning design #79 by JCreation, Logo Design for Feros Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JCreation

Project description

We are an innovative BBQ equipment company. We manufacture innovative BBQ equipment and accessories that make the grilling process simpler, easier, and more enjoyable. 

We have a different brand that we have been operating under but we are re-branding to "Feros". The idea behind Feros is that it is a mix of the word "fire" spelled in many different languages and has influence from Greek, Spanish, English, Romanian, and more. 

The logo needs to give the idea of "grilling/BBQ/fire". It can include illustrations of these, but doesn't necessarily have to. 

We are looking for a logo that is "retail ready", meaning that it is ready to go on packaging, hats, shirts, websites, business cards, etc. But the primary look needs to work well on product packaging. 

We're looking for something strong, catchy, but easy to understand and "get it" quickly. Something professional, and very memorable. 

The colors in our industry are dominated with Red and Yellow

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  • Hi, pls provide me a feedback about this design. Thanks. #74
  • Did I submit in time for feedback? #113
  • About #100, Hi ch! Kindly check my work. Best regards :)
  • This logo is very impressive. Congrats on such impressive work! This is not the design feel I'm going for, the direction is not in line with what the company is or the industry we play in. But given a different industry this would be a GREAT logo. #81
    • About #81, @david12 thank you for the feedback !!
      I'll try something else ... but I think you want something simpler !!

  • Really like this version and the direction you took it. Font is professional, strong, and serious. Can be used with or without the "flame" on packaging.

    I like the flame, I would enjoy seeing a couple different versions of it, if possible. I like how it is obviously an "F", but would like to see what it would look a bit more like a flame. A couple peeks at some different versions of the flame would be nice. #79
    • About #79, @david12 Hi Ch, thank you so much to your positive feedback. yes, i will make new variation of the design. :)

      kind regards,

  • Hello @david12, These are some designs with negative space using a spatula. Please rate it and provide feedback for improvements. Thanks #77
  • Hello @david12, I have made a couple of negative space designs using a spatula. Please give it a rating and feedback so I can improve on it where necessary. Thank you #76
  • Hi, pls check my design and, if possible, leave me a feedback about it. Thanks. #74
  • please youre feedback about my design
    • @theshe I can definitely appreciate the concept here and what you were going for. The design is too simple and honestly looks very amateur. We need it to be very professional. The spatula idea was very good, but it looks more like a paint brush. The spacing of the letters and the grill seem strange, and the color change between letters makes the logo very difficult to read and understand. The grill itself looks more like a pan than an actual grill.

  • Interesting logo, very basic font. Not sure I like the font.

    The flame is an interesting idea -- would have like to see it look like an "F" instead of the current look. But keep in mind -- this logo would be difficult to put on packages, marketing materials, etc. Takes up a lot of room, and requires both aspects to be considered complete. #24
  • I really like the idea of the "hidden" spatula. Something that is very subtle, yet creative. Very professional look too it as well.

    Don't love the picture in the "O", for the same reason. Too obvious and makes it difficult to read and process the word. Perhaps just a plain O would be best. #28
  • please youre feedback about my design
  • Dear CH. This one is trying to incorporate the two elements. I hope this also works. Thanks. #30
  • Dear Ch. Thank you for the comments on my entry. I guess this new revision of the design which is your suggestions, hope that you see the negative space in the design. Thanks. #28
  • This one is better -- the spatula is straight and more realistic. It would be nice to be more subtle.

    The grill in the O seems like a fingerprint more than a grill.

    I like what you did with the R. Would be interesting if you could make the ER look like a spatula very subtly instead of hiding it in the S. Not sure how, but you've seen the "FedEx" logo and the "hidden arrow." Would be cool if somehow that effect happened in those 2 letters. Not sure if it's possible but the way that you designed the R made me think of that. #7
  • Dear Ch. I love to hear any feedback for my entry proposal. Thank you.
    • @PinoyAku Very creative use of the spatula in the letter. Although it is creative, it is not very realistic and takes a moment to figure out what it is due to the curved nature of the handle. The "grill" in the "o" is a creative idea, but the execution feels like a dinner plate instead of a grill.

  • please youre feedback about my design
    • @theshe Great idea, but a serif font for a logo is tough. They are harder to read and make the consumer try too hard to see and understand quickly. I like the idea of the flame, but again -- hard to grasp instantly. Makes you sit and try to figure out what it is saying. The logo needs to grab someone's attention and let them know immediately and memorably what it is.

  • please check this entry. #5
    • @vishnujayaraj12 Thanks for taking the time to submit a design -- this entry has far too much going on. It is hard to concentrate on what matters, which is the name. The name in flames is too much, and the designs are very simplistic -- not rich or captivating. The lines are nature of the design feel too simple.