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Winning design #215 by hongxia, Logo Design for Fierman Logo Contest
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designed by hongxia

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  • About #3 Hello CH, i made a design that shows "Fierman" being a distributor by using the arrow and leaf that represents the fruits and vegetables. Thanks.
  • CH, I made the F in Fierman part of the leaf. thanks
  • Hello CH, I created an emblem logo for your company. Here are my first two entries: "Red" #62..."Green" #63. The sunlight embraces the fresh green fields and showcases your great produce on a golden platter. Thanks! - Marvel
  • Hi CH, this is my design. I also have design #71 and #73. I can change the color of them if those are not the color your are looking for. Thank you
  • In this logo I experimented with the words produce and exchange which led to the apple icon with the arrows. I believe it creates a strong visual reference to your company and what you do. It's simeple and sophisticated.
  • (Image uploaded has wrong green.The green in the original design was more subdued.) I attempted to make the logo look elegant and modern. I played around with the ideas of history the Fierman company has, which led to the 3 apples becoming bigger and bigger each step, which references the growth of the company from generation to generation. I kept the text in lower-case letters and in a sharp but warm font to express the feelings of dependability and structure of the company. You can use the icon of the apples by itself to represent the company or along with the text. Just imagine the logo on the side of a truck, classy and modern.
  • Dear CH, #58 is my logo design with easy to print on any promotional materials. Its a vector graphic and a good brand unit for your company. Thanks,
  • Hey CH Heres a classic logo in B/W, Let me now if you want to set a color scheme Thanks for letting me participate Gomes
  • Hi Ch, The design is a modern take on the produce exchange logo's I have seen. It's easy and cheap to maintain since there due to the limited color usage. An icon is inserted into the logo which represents a cross section of a fruit with the seeds in the middle. The logotype is given a more friendly and personal feel to the fierman name. The icon can stand alone should you decide to use it seperately. Thanks. Azry
  • Ayn
    Simple logo with "r" turned into a tree. Used three shades of green and black for contrast. Willing to revise as needed. Thank you.
  • Hi ch, This is arun and my entries are #77 and #78. #77 represents that you are giving fresh fruits to people that are grown from good trees. Then #78 with the same concept i place a fresh tree instead of i in fierman.Then i used the colors red and green denotes the fresh fruits and vegetables. thank you.
  • Same design as #120 but with a solid red produce logo
  • Here is my second take on my #89 design. The produce logo features a sleeker design and the Produce Exchange Inc text is bolder.
  • Drop distributor. Drop lower fierman make Produce exchnge centered
  • About#114 It is a revision of design #3. I change the font to much bold and also change the color to black. Thanks
  • F more prominate
  • would like to see F bolder
  • Dont break up name
  • Orange to a Onion N=Banana to a potato
  • Hi CH, I submitted #145 and #144. It represents a continuous cycle in the shape of a fruit which I think has a major significance to your field. Thanks. Azry