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Winning design #68 by carloerbalingit, Logo Design for Film Production Company: Breaking Ground Films seeks new creative logo Contest
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designed by carloerbalingit

Project description


The logo will be used on our website, business card, email signature and letter heads.


We are looking for something thats eye catching and memorable. It will need to look professional and it needs to represent Breaking Grounds creative spirit. An obvious way to go would be to use an image of the ground breaking with the text, we like this direction.

We think it'd be great if "Breaking Ground" and "Films" were separate entities, so we could perhaps use "Breaking Ground" on its own if we wished. However, saying that ultimately they need to work very well together, and if you have a great idea that doesn't separate the the too entities, by all means try it out.


We are ope to use all colours, however the logo will need to look great on light or dark colours (even if thats just us inverting the a black or white version).


We dont want any film reels, film strips, cameras, lighting, etc. Nothing that represents the craft of filmmaking.

OTHER COMPANIES OF INTEREST - please take a look at the links.

Scott Free Productions, Paramount Vantage, GK films, Anonymous Content, RSA Films, Annex Films.

Here is Scott Free Productions logo and animation, its beautiful:

Also we love the titles of the HBO show, The Pacific as insperation:


New, innovative, ambitious, passionate, independent, cool, creative, unique, and ultimately Breaking Ground.

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  • Third party images are not allowed in DC designs.
  • Dear Contest Holder, I submitted my revision #56. Hope it's not to fussy or busy this time. I changed the font and the style and replaced the cracks. Thank you for your feedback, Roberth
  • That is EXACTLY the feedback I was looking for!! Thank you. I am beginning work on the next design, and refining the font. I will keep the crack, and ask that you give me the same type of feedback on my next design. That is what we are looking for, we wish to please!! Thanks again!
  • we dont really like the western idea.
  • we think this is too fussy. Perhaps simplify it...
  • haha. ok. No pick axes please.
  • this is a little boring.
  • wow. no idea what to say, apart form no angels.
  • nice idea, but I don't think its right for Breaking Ground.
  • haha no weaponry please!
  • no shovels please!
  • Can we change the font please.
  • I like the crack. But font is wrong. I was mentioning The Pacific in regards to use of the charcoal in the pictures.
  • If we were going to use a tree we would definitely want it to look like this. However we don't like the font and I think that the text and the image of the tree could work better together.
  • The crack you've made looks quite cool. But the font is wrong. I mentioned The Pacific titles more in reference to the visual style using the charcoal.
  • no film reels please!
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Dear Alasdair: This design is the end of the reel. The logo without any background is #45. Think of the intro like this: On a black background appears a small dot of light falling slowly seems to be a comet ... close up to the light and you can tell it's a light bulb. The bulb hits the ground but not broken, it begins to turn on and off, after this comes the name "Breaking Ground" starts flashing and the end is the logo #46. Choosing a light bulb so that it can be show innovation and creativity. By not breaking the bulb quality and strength displayed in creation. Basically that's the concept for my logo. THX
  • This is the font used for the film The Pacific per your brief. I'm just looking to see if this is what you had in mind for the font. Thanks for your feedback!
  • Hello alasdair... this is my first entry.... I know that you don't want a design that have a film, but I have an idea. Is there a problem if I try it? THX