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They appear to be fine. I don't have Illustrator on my computer, but I'll double check them with a friend who does. Thanks for your design! We may want to experiment with a couple of other specific fonts for comparison purposes. Are you available to help us with that? Please email me at if so.

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Winning design #129 by Monocle, Logo Design for Film/TV Production Company Needs Distinctive  Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Monocle

Project description

We are looking for a logo that has both a traditional and contemporary feel - a
little small town (Katonah), a little NYC. Think old typewriter fonts, handmade
qualities, stencils, graffiti, spray paints. A detail that could inspire:
there is an area in Katonah called the Rock, where kids perch on a cliff and
spray-paint a rock face with initials, names, phrases.

If you can, please keep in mind that we will eventually need to do an animated
version of this logo, that will appear in opening credits of films we produce.
Most importantly, have fun with this... because we are! You will be seeing
this logo for many years to come! And thank you!

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  • We appreciate the effort, but this is too literal, and too old-fashioned feeling. There's also a casualness about the details that we're trying to stay away from. Again, as we said in #2, we want something that feels handmade yet well-crafted.
  • Good effort, but we don't really want the filmstrip thing. We do like the handmade yet well-crafted quality of it.
  • We like this concept, but again, don't like the colors. Like the stenciled lettering and the typewriter lettering. Can we see it with just the film can, or something more subtle if you want to break the can up?
  • Ditto with the previous one.
  • There's something we kind of like about it, but not right for us.
  • Nice looking but a bit too delicate. We'd like to see a revision that's a little scruffier, more graffiti-like. This is the fine line that we're looking for - we don't want sloppy, but we do want a handmade feel.
  • Dear CH, please use the slide rating bar. This will show designers which entries are more what you are looking for and which ones are sort on the wrong track. Thank you
  • no background unless it is part of the logo, please read through the rules and designer guidelines in the knowledgebase
  • #20 is inspired by canals of venice. Thanks!
  • Design #16 is meant to work like a couple of gears, but with film. I believe that animated it would have a nice looking effect. Thanks for looking and have a nice day! H.
  • I am interested in this project...any chance you could upload a picture of this iconic "rock" for some inspiration? Thank you.
  • After my #1 design i've uploaded a second design #7. simplicity, traditional.
  • Where did you upload the design? I cannot find it.
  • Dear Contest Holder, I have uploaded my first design for the contest. The briefing was very clear. After some research I was able to form an idea based on a traditional, handmade design. Its both contemporary as it's inviting you to play with its form. It could be animating the logo as it is, or playing with the color scheme when its placed on different types of content. I figured the logo should be easy and flexible to use in animation and film, but still be very recognizable on whatever type of content it appears. The sweep, or line, includes the form of a rock, symbolic to the rock in Katonah (designed to be animated in all the creative manners you can imagine). "where kids perch on a cliff and spray-paint a rock face with initials, names, phrases". Thats why the 'pictures' part of the logo is intwined with the line that also forms the rock symbol. It looks great in black, blue and many other colors. Blue for fit, new, independent and "doing there thing". Oh and i love how the 'o' can be symbolic for film. I'm looking forward to your feedback. Thanks and regards!
  • Dear CH, I will appreciate some feedback on my entries: #101, #102, #103. What you think about it? Thanks.
  • Dear CH, I will appreciate some feedback on my entries: #101, #102, #103. What you think about it? Thanks.
  • Dear Contest Holder, My entries #98 and #97 are the same design only that the #98 one is in png format which I had to upload because of the poor quality of the #97 that is in jpeg format.. so you can better eliminate the #97. Thank you.
  • I uploaded my last logo slot, If you'll need any changes you'll need to give me some more (just to let you know in case you are not satisfied). The last ones are inspired from old binaries, which I believe would come out well in an animation. Thanks!
  • I will submit my revision very soon. Thanks for your feedback :)
  • Comments appreciated...