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Winning design #9 by masnau, Logo Design for Finance, Investor Relations, Marketing  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by masnau

Project description

TraDigital IR 

TraDigital represents the best of both worlds for microcap pubically traded companies. We effectively bring together traditional investor relations, corporate communications all with digital marketing approach. 

We combine finance, marketing, sales, and graphic design to enable companies to compete for capital and build an investor following. We develop and advertise a company’s corporate story by creating content that delivers its impressive presentation, and details its investment thesis. Private, soon-to-be public and currently public companies benefit from proven methods in investor messaging,  integrated communication services and capital market strategies to fund their growth.

By harnessing the the power and reach of social media TraDigital targets, tracks, engages and converts industry stakeholders into shareholders. 

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  • About #9, @masnau Masnau, I havent heard from you. Can you please let me know when we can finish this project. I have some edits that I need for this job to be considered complete. I would like to change the font, Take delete the IR Have the TD image on the left and TraDigital to the right with Investor Relations right below it. I would like to see it in an embossed format like it would look on a business card. Please let me know what i can do to help speed up this process. Thank you
  • remove IR and write INVESTOR RELATIONS along the bottom in a smaller font. smililar to the BriteSmile design you did #9
    • @mj_clyburn_sr Okay and will be done soon

    • @masnau Thank you! I like how the T kind of pixilates and turns into the digital. However, I think it should be to the left of the name and then have TraDigital with Investor Relations below.

    • @mj_clyburn_sr just tell me all you need, and I'll do it in one revision. (maybe at once also :)))

  • Could you change the words in the box to say
    Target, Engage, Convert? #37
    • About #37, @mj_clyburn_sr . of course, but how can I send my design for the contest because contest has ended.

    • About #37, @mj_clyburn_sr .ready to all feedback or request revise

  • Can you make it look embossed so it has the 3D look. #9
  • Hello
    Please, is it really necessary to include IR in the logo?
    Thank you
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  • TraDigital IR design logo, this is my original design, i hope feedback from you, i am rady to hear, thank you :) #20
  • How About This?
    Please give me a feedback.

    Best Regard
    ZhahidaS #16
    • @jackpitt Thank you for the submission. I don't like this one. I feel the squares obstruct the name. I like design #2

    • @jackpitt thanks hopefully I selected logo design for companies Finance, Investor Relations, Marketing.

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