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Winning design #36 by AndrewR, Logo Design for Financial: Offshore Mutual Fund for US stocks Contest
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designed by AndrewR

Project description

Logo needed for the 'Tactical Opportunity Fund' Summary: The Tactical Opportuit Fund (TOF) is an opportunty for high net worth individuals (US residents excluded) to invest in the US stock market with a fund manager who has an outstandign 10 year track record and is rated with 5 out opf 5 stars by the prestigious Mornign star rating service. The fund invests in a range of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and has outpaced the S&P 500 index over time while also incurrng a lower amount of risk (beta). There is a mimimum of bureaucratic red tape compared to a non US person establsihign an investmwetn account with a US based firm. More detail The principal investment objective of the Fund is to achieve capital appreciation over the long-term primarily through speculative trading in exchange traded funds (“ETFs”). The investment strategy of the Fund, under normal market conditions, is to invest at least eighty percent (80%) of the Fund’s gross assets in a group of ETFs. The underlying ETFs gen¬erally invest in, or track indices related to, equity securities, fixed income securities and commodities. The Fund reserves the ability to invest directly in common stocks without regard to market capitaliza-tion. The Fund's investment strategy includes both growth and value style investing. The underlying ETFs gen¬erally invest in, or track indices related to US equity securities. A leverage version also may invest in fixed income securities and commodities. [3X version]

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  • Thanks for the designs so far. Keep them coming. Any ideas that use an icon to compare to those that use a rendering of the initials of the fund name? We are open to both but want to compare if possible.
  • Are the partial circles in the two versions at the bottom on purpose? It is kind of an interesting treatment. Also I wish you would make the font of the fund name much smaller. I would change the font too, to something cleaner.
    • The partial circles are on pusrpose. The other two letters are not so standart (obvious) so I made the O look similar You can read it in other way too - If the O is for opportunity the Tactical Fund holds it. I changed the font and size here #27

    • Very nice. thank you.

    • Thanks, I am very glad you like it. If you can think of something to improve it just say

    • Actually I like it the way it is I think. May be just a matter of the consensus on different design approaches. If I think of any enhancements in the meantime I will let you know.

  • I would get rid of the TOF initials altogether. I get why you would use the bar chart columns, but its a little too simplistic and obious. I like the name of the fund in white (the lower treatment) rather than blue because it is simpler and less frilly. Although the name looks good there in the gold bars I am worried that the way it is laid out would make the overall design quite wide and therefore limit where we could fit it.
    • What do you think about this #23 & #24. Not a person anymore. The main idea is T O F - the initials My reply is for #20. I replied here by mistake, Sorry

    • Better.

    • Ok WWM2, let me try to fix the negative points and emphasize the good ones :) Bear hugs and thank you for the punctual and precise feedback. :)

  • No, the icon of a person does not seem right for a mutual fund. Looks more suited to a charity or something. The grey looks good though.
  • Nice one. I like this treatment of the icon better than your #4. The treatment of the name is an improvement but not there yet. You seem to like the lines framing 'tactical' and 'fund' but can we try it without them? Maybe left justified? Smaller font? Different font - perhaps more like #18 but all in a serious grey? With the smaller size - maybe it would look OK sttacked to the right of the icon (even though I have been asking people to look at it underneath)?
  • Hi CH, I submited #20 & #21 I hope you like them. I will appreciate any feedback
  • I like this the best of your recent submissions. It is better without the arrow that your use in 19 because the arrow is a little too overt and literal and not subtle. 18 may be slightly too 'cartoonish' for a seriuos financila product like this so I dont know if ther is a way to make is look a bit more 'serious.' Can you try it to see how it looks with the name of the fund underneath rather than to the side? I think you can stop modifying 16 and 17 because I don't like the huge TOF.
  • I like this better than your design #2. Are you able to see my comments on the other designers submissions so you can be guided accordingly in submittng more? Let me know. Thanks.
    • yes, i can see it... but, can you give more specific feedback for my design? thanks.......

    • For 8, I would like to see a more modern font used. The initials TOF are not particulary important as to have the logo fature them so prominently. Also the British slang word 'toff' has a negative connotation. Teh name of the fund shudl be presented in a more compact manner.

    • please see my update design and give feedback........ thanks.......

  • The BMW logo conveys quality and seriousness at a glance. Perhaps a take on that type of icon would work forthe Tactical Opportunity Fund?
  • I like how you read through the brief and used the five star rating as part of the logo. Any more ideas around that theme?
  • I like how the fund name fits in the same width as the logo/icon above. The upward arrow is a bit simplistic for this serious fiancial audience.
    • CKS

      Hello, thank you for the feedback! I´ll improve this proposal and show you very soon. Regards. Erick

  • I like the font used. I would like the name of the fund - if it is used at all - to be more compact so it can fit more easily in varoius materials where space is short. The two color icon does have a modern look that has potential. It is not quite right now though so perhaps a few more takes on it. Being based on the initials of the fund is not a requirement
  • This one has potential. I would like to see the name of the fund presented i more commpact way, which is a chalenge since 'opportunity' is so long. Perhaps stacking the three words below the blue icon; if possible so that the words are the same width as the icon. Also, if done like this we probably dont need the T-O-F in big letters in the icon. Without it we may achieve a more subtle and dignified affect. Also, the term 'toff' in British slang is mildly derogatory.
  • This is very dark. Adding another bold color - perhaps in the color gradient of the matrix - it might stand out more.
    • Hi, thank you for your feedback, i´ve uploaded 3 more options, thank you!

  • Thanks for this. It has potential. Can you do a version where the gradient of color in the matrix is a bit less subtle?
  • You are in the running but you would need to do a few modifications please. -I like the white swoosh but the way it is used here some may see it as implying downward performance. Is there another way to use it?- I made a comment before about not liking the size or font used in the name of the fund. Can yuo change it so it is like in design twenty four? If you could do one with the words to the right of the icon and one withthe words underneath?
    • Please see entry #36 Let me know if you want any changes Thank you Andrew

    • Swoosh is OK now but words to the side seem like they are not the same size. I also want them to be smaller and even closer to the icon so that the icon and fund name are more compact and therefore usable where there is less space. You didn't want to try a different font as described?

    • Please see #37 and #38 Sorry about font. Now is more compact. Andrew

    • 36 is closest but need the font and size of the name to be like 27

  • Regarding my entry, #32, I used the globe to show that investers from all over can earn more income. I then read about your liking the 5-Star rating, so I'll do another design if you wish. Thanks, Mara
  • Can we see this on a flat white and flat black background please?
  • WWMN2 I wanted to let you know that the designers can not reply to comments when a contest has gone expired mode. The contest is waiting for you to either to choose a winner or extend the contest. I wanted to also let you know, after you have a winner in your contest you have 7 more days to work with the winning designer on any changes you need or want. To pick a winner simply click on the trophy cup located on left viewing corner of the entry you want as the winner Once you have a winner click on download source file, you will then see the minor fix/communication area Please let us know if you need any help Thank you
  • Hi - We want to finalize the contest and pay the winner (which you are in the lead for) but want to see it on flat background per my earlier note. Are you willing to do this?