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This was a great experience. Having been frustrated by the logos we were getting from a designer we had hired, we thought we'd give it a try. So many great entries to choose from. Really easy to use and fun too! We're very pleased with our pick.

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Winning design #214 by tedimurti, Logo Design for Financial PR Firm  Needs Powerful Logo that Conveys Experience & Prestigious Client Roster Contest
Gold Medal

designed by tedimurti

Project description

We are redesigning our homepage (sample page available), however we need a new logo that works with it. We want something corporate feeling but that is not just text. We like an icon that relates to the idea of media, or broadcast, or communication. We want it to be contemporary. We have a tagline, 'It's the Media that Matters' and it could conceivably be incorporated in conjunction with the logo, but not necessarily. It ends up being a lot of text. We feel that our current logo is slightly too cartoonish for the types of clients we court (asset managers, etc.). We don't want Dukas in all lowercase (the D should definitely be capitalized). The current logo makes us look a little too consumerish (ie branding etc.). We are looking for a more corporate and financial feel, without being stodgy or boring. In sum, we want the logo to be authoritative, strong, classy, but not stodgy. Should be contemporary but not cute. Should have an icon that connects to our name and what we do. Can work with tagline 'It's the Media that Matters.' We want the logo to say Dukas Public Relations (NOT Dukas PR).

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  • Hi CH. I have the revision you requested plus some new concpts, because like you said, they are all starting to look the same. These are in a whole new direction. I would love for you to see them but I used all the uploads I had making the revisions you requested. If you would like to see them you will need to give additional uploads. Thanks!
  • It's nice but icons just isnt strong enough
  • Thanks for all of your efforts. We are now starting to see a lot of copycat designs and ideas. While we like the top-rated logos, we are from married to the concept and would love to see some new ideas, directions, fonts, etc. Thanks
  • Hi CH, thanks for the feedback. I editted the icon to look more like communication lines instead of a circle and I placed it on the southeast side of the text. I hope this is better. Thanks.
  • Hi CH, I would be more than happy to do the revision you requested but I am out of uploads. You will need to grant me more entries in order to do so. Thanks!
  • well done ad elegant, but the circles dont really convey a strong enough sense of communications, media, etc... Also, dont like that they go out to the left - they should head tot he East..or Northeast
  • nice, abstract icon, but doesnt work for us
  • too similar in concept to what we've seen alreadt
  • Thanks for the review. I will modify the original design that I submit and will submit a few more new designs. Regards micks
  • Dear CH, I'm a bit confused. This same design you commented on earlier and remarked "Clean,crisp and smart...needs a bit of sprucing up". Now it "doesn't work, nothing special". I'm not sure I follow. I see that the 5 top rated designs are the merely revisions of the same concept, but in other comments you've made you said you were looking for something different...In fact, in several comments you've made mention of how you liked my icon and font choices. Perhaps you could clarify?
  • doesnt really work - nothing special
  • classy, but half-circles are too reminiscent of an Australian ad of some sort perhaps toning it down a bit and/or adding a bit more punch to the grpahics
  • icon is too over the top - we want more subtly
  • see font of #78, and please give that a try
  • Too much going on with this logo. And the font is not strong enough
  • Liked the first attempt better...don't get too caught up in the literal idea of a quote... these quotes are just sticking out there. Liked the boldness and abstractness of the original submission. Our take was the box was symbolic of TV, and we just don't want to evoke TV...there's a bit of a stigma to broadcast in the financial world
  • icon doesn't work
  • Seeing a lot of similar looking designs... Don't get bogged down... We're open to new creative directions.
  • about #86 Here I made everything more centered #88 is the revised tagline of the one you like. Thats all I have left to submit so if you need anything let me know. Thanks so much.
  • nicely done; icon is visually appealing but not immediately clear how it realtes to a PR Firm