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Winning design #170 by maxx, Logo Design for Financial Services Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by maxx

Project description

Seeking a logo design that outlines my name: Smyre since it is unique. Hoping to find something striking and memorable - not what I see all the time in my industry. Looking for something a little less common. Thinking of the color blue for the Smyre portion and a dark grey or silver for the remainder. I'm open minded to the grey / silver but I'm thinking blue would be best for the Smyre portion since Green is so typical in my industry.

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  • How about similar concept with a signature looking "Smyre"?
  • The symbol looks to much like a Superman symbol - symbol not needed
  • no pyramids - trying to be unique
  • What about outlining the letters in the grey to reduce the blue around the y?
  • Emphasising the Y is interesting, but there is too much blue...
  • Average example of what I'm looking for submitted as #1
  • Circle a little bigger
  • Also, what about having the blue fade a little lighter towards the grey? also, maybe a tad darker on the grey?
  • can you add just a small bit of blue to the top?
  • I don't need the LLC
  • Sorry about this one, wrong colors! uploading new in a second.
  • dear CH, #58 and #59 are my submissions, hope it fits to your company...thanks.
  • Spelling error! I will resubmit with corrected text!
  • needs something, but i like the direction
  • thank you for your feedback this is my revision #41 thanks.................
  • Too much, but the signature concept interests me
  • Maybe lighten colors a little
  • Creative - don't build on someone's else idea - still looking for something NEW
  • sorry i saw just now the "Leave off the LLC". I have the designs #24 #23 without "LLC" too.
  • Leave off the LLC.