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One would imagine picking a logo design is like "love at first sight" but it's not. I was impressed each time I looked at a new batch of designs. 'Kwik' was great, definitely lives up to his name, every revision came within a few hours. In the end I walked away extremely happy with my logo. I'll be in touch in the future for some other projects to design.

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Winning design #169 by kwik, Logo Design for Financial Trading Journal Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kwik

Project description

About my blog, Financial Trading Journal; it's primarily used to record my live trades, write broker reviews and recommend signal services.

I'm willing to entertain both acronym and full name logos. If you can figure out how to combine FTJ in a fun, unique and catchy way with finance and journal then go for it. Otherwise, if you opt for the full name approach, I would like the following tagline to be included: "Reducing Asymmetric Information One Trade at a Time".

PS: Feel free to be creative, the journal aspect isn't as important as finance. At most, use 2 concepts for the text i.e., one for 'Financial' and one for 'Trading Journal'. Color scheme, I would prefer a blue color is possible.

Ways to incorporate finance:
- Red and green colors?
- Including the dollar sign would be nice since it's universal.
- Otherwise, if you opt for a foreign exchange approach, be sure to include the other currency symbols as well (i.e. $, €, £, ¥)

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  • Dear CH, I have updated #4 to include the tagline. The updated version is #5 I have include a flare on it, if you don't want please tell me.
  • Full red doesn't work at all..
  • The symbol looks a bit weird? Try blending the color scheme, "Reducing Asymmetric Information" in red and "One Trade at a Time" in green. Also, try underlining the name to separate the tagline from the name somehow.
  • Too simple, looks childish. You didn't include my tagline either
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • Much better, now repeat the same symbol for #47 please
  • I don't care for the split, I prefer the solid version in #63
  • thank you.... i have little tweak, look at design #65 .....
  • Awesome, I like it, I don't see anything else to change for this one
  • Wow, this is really nice. Awesome way to push the Yen off to the side. Could you switch the euro and the pound symbol please.
  • Too crowded
  • I like it, it's simple and subtle, and you figured out how to combine FTJ, I thought about ways of blending the letters together but didn't think of this way. Kudos to you for that, this is now considered complete until further notice.
  • The reflection isn't necessary, cool but confusing affect.
  • Separate the name and the tagline with a blue line please, don't use a solid line, apply the same effects as the text
  • Finally someone's able to combine FTJ with some class. It's simple, but you forgot my tagline. Also, change the color scheme from blue, black, grey to blue, green, black please. I don't think the grey is suitable. Then use blue for the entire tagline
  • Certainly cleaner than the first attempt with the arrows on top. Could you put the $ sign in the blue arrow head, € sign in the green arrow head, and the £ sign in the blue square. The yen can stay where it is.
  • I don't think a symbol of that size is suitable to be placed beside the name, the other design with it on top is more suitable.
  • It's interesting, won't say I totally like the concept, but it's ok
  • Ok, good stuff, this concept is done for now until further notice
  • Eliminated since I prefer the font size in #51 over this one.