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Winning design #169 by farazjan4506295, Logo Design for Finansoft Contest
Gold Medal

designed by farazjan4506295

Project description

We are looking for a logo and business card design for Finansoft.  This company is a "sister company" to Heuristics (   It is a financial services company primarily consulting.   We conduct specialised financial risk assessment studies, deliver high-end financial models, submit methodologies, etc.   Heuristics on the other hand sells financial software and outsources the credit risk analysis for banks.

The corporate image of Finansoft has to be harmonious with Heuristics in the logo.  We are not very fond of our current image at Heuristics, but we have decided to re-launch Finansoft in July and cannot spend valuable time to enhance Heuristics at the time being.

I am attaching the design of Heuristics so you have a reference design but remember Finansoft is the objective logo.

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  • Not bad but it mimics the first place too much. #371
  • kindly check my logo proposal hope you like it
    thank you:) #371
  • Simple a design, familiar letters and colors so memorable. Featuring modern design, serious and optimistic in the business. #369
  • Sending my work,i hope you like my design.Tank you #362
  • next #356
  • please check out my design and do not hesitate to ask for changes. I 'll wait for feedback from you #355
  • #256 plz check this entry...

    Thank you
  • FINANSOFT 3D #316
  • @Jzert Hello, you can use this design also. Clean and not to fancy. A combination of F and S. Thank you so much.

    Best Regards,
    Mark Llamado #315
  • FINANSOFT #314
  • @Jzert Hi CH Good Day! please check my design. Thank you so much.

    Best Regards,
    Mark Llamado #313
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  • Some people love it. But it is too similar to Adidas logo! #65
    • @Jzert plz check my update Thanks Hamza

    • About #65, @hunny shEikh Thanks let me work on that

    • About #242 #243 #244, @hunny shEikh Hello Hamza I have submitted more designs if you have any suggestions let me know i love to work on your project


  • The best of your designs! #100