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I loved using to have a logo created for my yoga business. The process was engaging, full of variety and fun. The process of reviewing, rating and interacting with designers was seamless. Nowhere else could you have so many choices and the best part is, I got to set my own budget! I would highly recommend this process to anyone looking for talented, creative and innovative graphic designers. Bravo !


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We are an Intimate, Nieghborhood Yoga Studio. Our studio is smaller than most, which means that we can provide individualized attention to our students. Our classes hold 10-12 people. We teach vinyasa, hatha and restorative yoga. Our clients range from children + moms, beginnners, men, women and seniors. Our focus is to offer a sacred space where people can connect with their practice, disconnect from the stressors of life and spend some time practicing self care and self love. We love working with people who have never tried yoga before and enjoy seeing people build strength and stamina while having a good time.

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  • Thank you for your submission. Not exactly the direction I was hoping for. Nice design but, not for me.
  • entry #7 is waiting for your opinion:) best regards
  • Love the colors and the typeface. I'd like the name to be more uniform in size. I do like YOGA in bigger typeface but, maybe not that big. I do like the representation of the tree but, was hoping for something even more tree-like. This is my fave out of the others you submitted. :)
    • Hi Diane...thanks for the prompt feedback. I worked on the revisions for #2 and #3. #8 & #9 are the new entries. I am working on an actual tree for you :)

    • Hey there....I just uploaded some 'tree' alternatives for you #14 #15 and #16. Looking forward to your feedback.

  • Hi Just too new in This System.. I could not upload more than 3 .. any ways.. I would Appreciate I f You Could give feedback about my Trees, How The Font, Sun and Other elemnts Placed and my Choice of Font Styles. Also If we Need a Real Wording of Yoga in a Mandrin or Other languages in Original behing the Tree and the Sun faded to 25 percent sorry i made it already zet not allowed to Upload.. Regards and Thanks in Advance for a Feedback, CA
  • GJR
    Your entry is too similar to a previous entry in this contest:
  • Not crazy about the typeface or colors. The colors I chose appear to look a tad different than what I originally chose. I'd like more "earth" tones and more of a "tree" represented. Thanks!
    • thank you for your feedback, i will make adjustments and resubmit

  • I also love the split placement of the company name. And incorporating the word "yoga" into the trunk of the tree. Definitely moving in the right direction. Thank you!
  • Thank you for giving me the alternative color combinations. Excellent! Can I see this one with the typeface more uniform in size.
  • Not the direction I'd like to go. Thank you!
  • The typeface should be lighter and more "eastern" in style. The tree should be an actual outline of a tree. No "yogi" necessary.
  • Hi. I have submitted design #1. Inputs will be valuable. Thanks
    • Thank you! This is not in the direction I was imagining. I'd like the typeface to be more "eastern" or "asian" in style and I'd like the "tree" to be more literal in style. Thank you!

  • dear CH Is this logo Text "Find Your Balance Yoga" please feed back thanks.
    • Would like "Find Your Balance Yoga" incorporated into the logo along with some sort of "tree". No heavy lines, something subtle. Typeface for text should also be subtle.

  • Thank you for your submission! I like your design. There are a couple of changes I'd like you to make... First, the "blue" that you used here is probably close to the colors I selected in my brief, however, I found those colors to be limited. Could you user your own creativity here but, stay along the lines of "earthy" tones? I do want to stick with avocado green / amber / mustard. Thank you!
    • thank you for paying attention to my project. As one of the few introduced yoga, a large part of other projects shows rather BALLET, .

  • Dear CH, This is my edits #60, #61 i hope you like this Regardes
  • Thank you for your submission. I like the way you interpreted the "tree" and "tree pose" with this symbol. Can we do something different with the typeface?
    • Hi Diane, Thanks for your feedback. I worked on the revision for #59. Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you.

  • Thank you for your submission. I like this design. The smooth lines and flower image is appealing. Could you move "Find Your Balance" on top of YOGA? Perhaps having the "Find Your Balance" in the same curve of the bottom curved line? Thank you!
  • Thank you for your submission. I'd like to see a revision with a more "formidable" three as well as a variation on the typeface. I LIKE this typeface and would like to see something similar. Thank you!
  • Thank you for your submission.
  • Thank you for your submission.
  • Thank you for your submission.