Fire & Ice Gala Logo - Fundraiser for Engineers without Borders and Riverkeepers


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Winning design #42 by dthais, Logo Design for Fire & Ice Gala Logo - Fundraiser for Engineers without Borders and Riverkeepers Contest
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designed by dthais

Project description

our annual gala is our large fundraiser. the theme is Fire and Ice. we would like something colourful and interesting with Fire and Ice as the theme. we are anticipating large ice sculptures and some sort of flame accents for the event. we are also anticipating African themed entertainment. this logo will be the centrepiece of our fundraising material and at the event itself. Water is an important part of the work for both organizations. Access to clean water is an important aim for both. the event will be taking place in mid March 2012 but we are ramping up our ticket sales and fundraising activities right away. We need a very classy and professional looking logo. Red and/or orange for the fire and blue/white for the Water/Ice are the colours we have been considering. some sort of flame motif and waves could be a suggestion for a starting point. we are open to any variants on the colour/design that reflect the Fire and Ice themes.

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  • colored background is not allowed unless requested by the contest holder!
  • Thought I'd do a duality-of-elements-centric design combined with African tribal elements.
  • About #3,Fire (Orange) and Ice (Cyan) make Water (Blue).
  • About #40, different color font for "fire & ice gala". Hope you like it Thanks
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • #32 Here is the revision with the Canada silhouette on the left.
  • i like the simplicity of this option.
  • Dear, I have used a symbol (oppsite hearts) that represents the importance of the Earth in sustaining life and the divinity of Mother Earth. It is actually Adinkra African Tribe symbol "ASASE YE DURU", means - "the Earth has weight". Regards. P.S. Sorry about this "Gala" - I wasn't sure what exactly the text should be. Please advise.
  • Background not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • thank you for your rate,this is a new concept,. with the fire that is represented by two red color that coats iceberg
  • Hi, It's not clear to me exactly what text you'd like to have in this logo, but I'll be happy to make any changes if you like the concept.
  • are you able to take the left hand Africa silouhette out and replace it with a silouette of Canada?
  • we need to stress the Fire & Ice and not the EWB. really like the look, though.
  • Love the concept. it's simple and very nice. we need to hit the Fire & Ice and not the EWB
  • we need to stress the Fire and Ice rather than the Engineers without Borders. the colours work well.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Hello again CH, I have made another option #48 simple design having a logo of a fire with the reflection of an ice in a water(river). hope you like this one.
  • Hi CH, have a look at #46 fire and ice tribal design replacing the word and with the tribal logo of fire(red) and ice(blue). Hope you like it.
  • NO backgrounds allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Only one design allowed per entry.