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Winning design #83 by lizonil, Logo Design for First Resort Personnel Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lizonil

Project description

Create a logo for this business with the focus on the words "First Resort" with the intent that there will be a logo focussed on the words "First Resort" but that will also incorporate the descriptive business words in smaller print within the logo of "Personnel". The business provides personnel and recruitment services in Western Australia. Needs to be sharp and professional for presentation to corporate sector. I would like to see the colours of Silver and Aqua.

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  • thank you for your attention, because like my designs ..... :)
  • Hi there I really like this one, by far my favourite so far. Thanks!
  • thanks for the comments .... I've deleted 'and recruitment' and already I change the color. I hope you like the design # 5 and # 29 thank you ....... :)
  • Are you able to take the words 'and recruitment'? And also change colours to aqua and silver?
  • Hi there Thanks for the design. I like this one, but the colours I would like are aqua and silver. I also don't want the word recruitment, just personnel at the bottom. Are you able to do one to this? THanks!
  • Hello, I have submitted two clean and simple designs #32 and #33. Although I have kept simple I am using the dots to represent you in the middle connecting potential employee to employer. The line is to sugest that they come to you and to represent a smile for happy clients. This could be printed in a dark silver pantone or as it is with a slight gradient. I hope it has captured some of what you are looking for in a logo. Look foirward to hearing your thoughts on it. Kind regards Ross
  • About #28, #28 Here I have submitted my design sir. Please provide me your feedback and suggestions. Thank You
  • TO CH about #25. I used a figure and ground technique for your logo, in which the r from resort and the t from first are spaced in a way that it creates the number 1 between them. Any feedback would be great.
  • Hi there #11 - if you have any preferences on fonts, shape or colours and would like to see any adjustments made then let me know. many thanks. A
  • Hi Marcus, In #82 the shading on the 'First Resort' is at the top and the 'Personnel' is gold, although it is quite hard to tell here due to the fine lettering. In #83 I have thickened the 'Personnel' lettering very slightly and given the gold a bit of a shine. I have changed the shading slightly on the 'First Resort'. Let me know if you would like to try anything else : ) Liz
  • Hi Liz, I like the simplicity of this design and would like to see the inverse on black...with the same gold logo and with the word "personnel" in gold also. Not sure what you can do about the grey scale style of design for the words First Resort and if it could be substituted for a grey and white for example... otherwise this font is good and would be interested to get your interpretation for the design of those words if dealing on a black background.... look forward to next install from you... really appreciate all your work....m
  • Goodmorning Marcus, I have made those changes. See #78 and #79. I tried pure white and then a white with a shadow and put them both on one page so you could see the difference. If you are embossing the gold ring it will stand out better against the gold figure in the middle. Cheers and have a good week. Liz
  • Hi per previous comment... this is great and would love to see the updated logo in the middle (with three figures, the centre one gold and back two white) thanks...m
  • Hi Liz, This looks great....I would like to see this design with the two figures either side of the gold figure which are currently in two shades of grey, coloured white to try and keep two colours in the design (White and Gold)...just to see how it looks. Then also put this new logo in between the words First and Resort as an additional version..... thanks for all your work.. M
  • Hi Marcus, Here they are with the changes you suggested. I just have to make the last one with the golden person in the middle and the shadow on the ring. I have uploaded the source files on your other competition, I am not allowed to contact you via your email address unfortunately due to design contest rules. If you head over to the other comp you should see the source files ready for checking and confirmation. I think you have some great ideas! Cheers, Liz
  • Hi Liz... One more thought... Can you try one with the updated people logo with gold person and ring located between the words first and resort and then have a shadow at the bottom of the ring like on the stratosphere design and then have a version with the word personnel under the word resort and another just centred under the whole word you did with stratosphere versions....much appreciated m
  • Hi Liz, well done on winning the contest for Stratosphere... Can you please email me the images and what I need to take to the printer... Thanks.... Also thanks for taking a look at this contest.... What you have designed looks really good... Can I suggest a couple of minor changes to 51.... 1. Remove the reference to recruitment ie. so justs refers to ,'personnel' and also have the word personnel in white, same color as first resort, ; and 2. Can you make the person logo in the middle at the top which is currently white, gold please to match the ring. The concept is finding the golden employee who brings the organization together -) ... All sounds good in theory eh... Thanks and look forward to seeing the update...Thanks Marcus My email is cheers
  • hi CH, would you take a look my work #40 & #41 for a while? if you please, I hope you leave a comment. regards.
  • Hi Marcus I have uploaded 4 versions of the final files for you to look at. Two versions on a black background #83 and #82, and two versions on a white background #68 and an extra one with grey/silver lettering. Also, here is a link to a current business card and stationery design comp. Have a look, there are some super designers here in that field. Cheers, Liz
  • Hi Marcus, As far as stationery, business cards... you will easily be able to get these done at the printer with all the files I have sent you. You have a couple of options, firstly you could take these files on a pen stick to a printer and get a quote for your stationery. Part of that print package should include the layout, you may be charged a minimal fee. But basically you have to get them printed anyway, so you just need to get the files to the printer and tell him how you want them layed out... he will do the rest. If you want to make major changes the printer can open the original .ai files and move the components around, change sizes, colours etc. In other words, those images are not set in stone. A second option is to start another competition on here under the 'stationery design' section, upload the original .ai files, give them the font information in the brief, and have one of the experts in that field lay them out for you and get them print ready. As far as email signature, you should be able to use one of the files I have sent you for that, probably the smaller jpeg with the white background. I hope this helps! In the meantime, I shall prepare your files and get them uploaded. Cheers, Liz