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Winning design #46 by sippingsoda, Logo Design for First Trust Lien Search Contest
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designed by sippingsoda

Project description

Project description

New Lien Search Company
Company Name: First Trust Lien Search

Some images are attached of potential use some sort but have not been decided on. We are open to design, colors and layout, but we do like silver and light blue together with black. 

Vision & Feel Of Design: We want it to seem trustworthy, dependable, legitimate, that we are experts, a classy logo and HIGH END.  

We like he spyglass art, infinity, and the magnifying glass as we're going to be a lien search company for houses and closings.

** Please no Pop-eye, fish, mermaid or other cartoon characters of ANY-KIND.
Thank you look forward to hopefully working with you!

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  • Hello , This is my concept. The symbol is a binocular, and also the sign of infinity. Feedback is welcome . Best Regards! #44 #45
  • Simple, modern, elegant. #28
  • i hope you like this #27
  • like this? #26
    • @ridwanori exactly! only one more thing...can you make the magnifying glass not have those dots on it, but just be solid all the way around?

    • @mdemadaler oke just wait

  • i hope you like this. #25
    • @ridwanori we want the magnifying glass to actually be the "i' in the word First. Please copy of same "i" that #11 did in theirs.

  • any chance you can make the dot on the eye a sideways magnifying glass? #10
    • About #10, @mdemadaler im sorry, but im not understain, so i will change the dot or what? im sorry ..

    • @ridwanori any chance you can make the "i" in the word First be a sideways magnifying glass. like #11 in the contest.

    • @mdemadaler so you want me for change the magnifying glass in the word "FIRST" ? or what?

    • @ridwanori yes. please look at contestant #11 and see how they did theirs. can you do that?

    • @mdemadaler oke i will try it, thanks your give me feedback

  • also any chance the blue could be #56c4cc #10
    • About #10, @mdemadaler oke, i will change this

  • Im ready to your feed back #20
  • Any thoughts? Any Changes let me know. Thank you. #18
  • Let me know if any tweeks would help. Feedback welcome. #16
  • raa
    Option 2 #13
  • raa
    Comments and feedback welcome #12
  • Second my design, please you give me feedback or rate #10
  • Second my design, please you give me feedback or rate #9
  • hey, this my design, the concept modern design and suitable for our request, and more fix you can give me feedback. #8
  • hello,
    I uploaded new #1 design. I hope I'm on the right track. I designed hand sign "First" with spyglass. Hope you like the idea.
    Please feedback. Thank you very much.