Fish Chips Sauce

It was an exciting and very rewarding experience for someone like me who is starting a small business and looking for an original logo, I started the competition and just a short while afterwards the logo draft entries started to come through. It made sense to to read the tips design contest sent through, in particular to make contact with the designers advising them of roughly what you were looking for even if their first design was a long way off from what you wanted. The team at design contest were also very quick to reply to my questions. Thanks again to the designers and team at design contest!

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Winning design #64 by Kristina2912, Logo Design for Fish Chips Sauce Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Kristina2912

Project description

Hello, my name is Laurence and I am an English guy starting a Food Truck business in Germany selling Traditional Fish and Chips with a variety of sauces. I am just about finished preparing the truck and now I am looking for a fun logo to use for the various marketing tools I will use to promote the business. 

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  • Hello! I hope you will like it. If you need any changes, please let me know. Sincerely, Christina. Thank you. #64
    • @Kristina2912 Dear Kristina, many thanks for all your effort, I am very happy to take your design as the winner for my business. It is 06:50 here and I have been sleeping and did not have the chance to request that you change the color of the word Chips to yellow, it would be great if you could make this last change to the final product for me. Congratulations and kind regards, Laurence

  • Pls #83
  • Pls #82
  • is like this? #81
  • Hi .. please feedback thank #73
  • Hi,

    If you would like to see any adjustments, or have any requests, please let me know. Thank you! #69 #70
  • How about this #62
  • please check back.

    thank you very much :) #51
  • I Hope like this #40
    • @iyad Hi, looks pretty good but we would like the words on separate lines, a happier fish, more pommels and sauce. Thanks

  • is like this? #43
    • @VianSmith Looks great with the ladle of sauce, thanks. My partner is sitting next to me and we both really like it but my partner says the black background would look better after all as it would blend into the truck color. Could you change the background back black so that we can check , thanks again

  • Hello! I hope you will like it. If you need any changes, please let me know. With best wishes, Christina. Thank you. #27
    • @Kristina2912 Dear Kristina, many thanks, I really like the contours, it has a nice flow and seaside feel to it but I would prefer the image forms for fish, chips and sauce to be separately expressed within the logo. Thanks again! Greetings, Laurence

  • as you said i remove the bottle and bring back the serving plate lid. #24
    • @rahathasan Thanks, did you resubmit? I cannot see your design

    • @rahathasan Dear Rahathsan, can you please check and update. I have still not seen #24 Thanks Laurence


    thank you :) #37
    • @VianSmith Dear Vian, yes, I really like it. Couple of small changes if possible. My Truck is black already so it would be better to change the black background on the logo to another color. Also it would be great to see the sauce represented on the logo, maybe with droplets of sauce, a ladle or spoonful of sauce but not with a bottle please as I offer homemade sauces. Thanks in advance! Greetings, Laurence

  • Hi there, I really like your entry. There is only one thing that I would like to change and that is to replace the bottle with a ladle or spoon of sauce since I will offer home made sauces and not bottled. Is that possible? #36
  • Hi.. please feedback thank #36
  • Sorry, leave the drops of sauce on the chips as you have them, they look great. Please just remove the bottle and bring back the serving plate lid. Cheers #21
  • Hi there, thanks for your entry, can you please add colors and chips into it so I can get a better look. The fish should be silver/blue, the sauce red/orange and the chips golden. Greetings #1
  • Hi there, thanks for your entries. To help you along I am looking for something a little more modern and fun. The logo would be best containing both text and picture format of the three ingredients, fish chips sauce. Greetings #3
  • Hi there, I quite like your design but I think if possible it should be a little less comic and more appetizing. Greetings #4
  • Hi there, thanks, to help you along on the designs you have sent I am really looking for something individual to my business Fish Chips Sauce. The logo should contain these words and pictures of the three ingredients in their respective colors, silver/blue fish, golden chips, red/orange sauce. Greetings #9