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DesignContest was a great experience and I have already referred a number of professional peers to the site. Sajid (our gold medal winner) is a talented designer and we are grateful for his work!


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Winning design #111 by Routh, Logo Design for Fisher Precious Metals Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Routh

Project description

Corporate logo for Fisher Precious Metals. We are a national gold and silver precious metals coin and bullion dealer with a focus on service and education for our clients (not just simply selling them gold and silver products). We are transitioning from a current logo that has an "institutional" icon that we want to move away from. Logo should speak to a high end clientele that has hundreds of thousands of dollars in discretionary income, is conservative, highly intelligent, privacy oriented, and service oriented. Logo will need to be provided in a usable format for both print and electronic media.

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  • The icon on this is too nebulous, as it doesn't relate to gold and silver bullion. Thank you!
  • The font on this is too contemporary. Like the use of color.
  • Gradation in text renders poorly on print material etc. Thank you!
  • Routh - as I mentioned, we are intrigued by the 3d component. If the rings were 1 silver coin and 1 gold coin it would move us away from looking like a jeweler.
  • The 3d element is intriguing but we are having a hard time understanding how it would render on the web and in print????
  • Too art-deco for our brand. Thank you!
  • We don't sell jewelry so the rings don't work because we don't want people to think we are jewelers. We sell gold and silver coins and bars (bullion).
    • hey ch,i am working on some more concepts hope youll like em.:)

  • Hi Routh, We can't use the red, your design prompted me to just now provide preferred colors - sorry for the delay. Also, the "F" leans too feminine. Tks!
  • This is too ornate in style.
  • We really like the text/font. Would like if the icon was a silver and gold that was slightly more representative of gold/silver coins in some way.
  • Greetings! The fish won't work and the "fisher" font is a little too chunky. Like your use of colors.
  • Greetings designers! We updated our preferred colors and please include white in the color palette in addition to the colors listed. Please bear with us, as this is our first time utilizing Some generic feedback.... Think luxury with a masculine bent....Rolex, Rolls Royce etc. Fonts should be clean, classy and substantial but not too chunky or blocky. Some descriptors for the logo would be upscale, strong, clean lines. Don't be afraid to use images of gold and silver (although this is not mandatory). Thanks to all!
  • Greetings, this logo is too feminine. 95% of our clients are wealthy males that are 40 to 80 in age (with some middle age, mature couples). We also need some color appeal.
  • We like this, but wonder if you could incorporate an ingot or coins somehow?
    • Thankyou for your comments submitting no. #64 , #67 , #68, #70 hope you like it .

    • Hi Sajid, Congratulations on being chosen for our winning design! We would like to have you make a couple of small changes for additional file formats if you would be kind enough. Please let me know how to communicate the changes to you. Thanks! Lynn

  • Dear CH - I've uploaded #66. I've tried to be close to what you suggested. I'd really appreciate your comment on this. Thank you Kind regards
  • Can you make the rings in to a gold and silver coin and display it straight on instead of on an angle?
    • im on it :)

    • Would like to see it on a white background as well - thanks!!

  • New photos just uploaded....
  • Designers, we have eliminated most of the logos that focus on the "F" initial of Fisher. We don't want a monogram icon, but instead a precious metals icon. We would like to see some representation of gold/silver coins or bars (also called ingots). I have uploaded some photos/pictures that might help. We would also like to see your logos with both a white background and a black background to help us visualize them for print and web purposes. Thank you!
  • We don't want a monogram focus with our initial. Thank you!
  • Need to see this against a white background as well.