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Winning design #94 by visualizer, Logo Design for Fishing For Reel  Contest
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designed by visualizer

Project description

BackgroundInstructional and entertainment fishing videos targeting boys and girls ages 8 through 16. The on-air host is a 12 year old boy and the video production is by his 10 year old brother. The videos will teach viewers (ages 8 through 16) about fun, safe and environmentally friendly fishing techniques/tactics. 

Use: This will primarily be a YouTube channel. 

Requirements: (1) we will favor a fishing theme more than a child theme, but a little bit of playfulness is ok; (2) we want the branding to mostly be about fishing but also have a subtle reference to the two boys (the 12-year-old doing the fishing and the 10-year-old who is behind-the-scenes doing the video production/technology); (3) we would please like a simple logo and separately a stylized version of the words “Fishing for Reel.” 

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  • Brighter version #238
  • Sun back ground can be added in.. #237
  • clean fresh simple and clear, two options boy with camera slightly different, colors can be changed if you prefer darker colors, can be stand-alone without the two boys. #236
  • 04 #216
  • 03 #214
  • 02 #213
  • 01 #212
  • design 07 #205
  • design 06 #204
  • design 05 #203
  • design 04 #202
  • design 03 #188
  • design 02 #187
  • logo consiste of marine shapes and a drawing of a man holding a hook in white colors blue and yello
    w denote the sea #174
  • Boys and girls are fishing for everyone
    So with boy and girl
    Trying to
    Hope you like it

    visualizer #171
  • design 01 #149
  • About #136, @Worker5 I wanted to project youth in the image of the logo to make it very obvious about the age group. I also went with the older style camera so that it was VERY obvious, even when the logo is very small, what is happening. The irony is that the boy fishing is using a REEL and the boy filming is using a REEL to REEL camera. Colors can be changed and the font, as well, if a different font look is preferred. Thanks
  • i hope you like this design. thank you #130
  • i hope you like this design. thank you #117
  • It's a logo for fishing for reel #88