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This was a GREAT experience!! I had NO idea I would get such great entries and great communication between each artist! A great BANG for the buck! I will use AGAIN. Thanks for helping me chose my LOGO!!!!!

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Winning design #274 by sameera, Logo Design for Fishing Team Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sameera

Project description

"Net Profit Fishing Team" This is a saltwater fishing team that competes on the Southern Kingfish Association Professional Fishing Trail. See for more details on trail. The team also competes in various other tournaments as well. The main species that the team targets on the SKA is the King Mackerel. I envision some type of fish(either King Mackerel or Sailfish) incorporated into the logo.

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  • The name that should appear in the logo is: "Net Profit Fishing Team" ????
  • LOOKS GREAT!! Can you send over some more with different font options on "Net Profit"??? I really like the font for "fishing team" so you can leave that as is. Maybe lose the highlighting on the words too??? THANKS!!!
  • I really like the rod and line here but not so sure about the person in the logo. Can you send some more options?? THANKS!!
  • Looking good here!!!! Can you send me another version with the fish smaller and no water in background??? Maybe a couple different font options??? Thanks!!!
  • I really like #57 & #59 but the fins represent sharks and I would rather it be a King Mackerel or Sailfish. #66 is a hole new spin on it as well. Keep up the awesome work Javed!!!
  • About #66 Dear CH, This is my new concept for you, hope you like it. Thanks & Regards Javed
  • About #62 Reuploaded, spelt fishing wrong :S GiiFteD
  • About #61 dear Contest holder Just created this,hope you like it. Feed back is must appreciated! Thanks GiiFteD
  • About #58, #59, #60 Dear CH, These are my design hope you like it. any feedback will be appreciable. Thanks & Regards Javed
  • About #55 Dear CH, Thanks for the positive feedback about #5, here is my another design, i created this illustration just for your logo, hope you like my design, please let me know if you needs any changes. Thanks & Regards
  • Hi CH, about #52.. I have had another bash, this time I have drawn a King Mackerel jumping. I have drawn this myself, so you won't find this image anywhere else on the net etc. Let me know if you want me to try anything else. Cheers, Liz
  • From what youve seen so far, is there anything more specific you are looking for?
  • Really appreciate your effort here!!! I like it!! Still wanna see more but you have been working with some feedback here!! This is a GREAT process! THANKS!!
  • I like this direction but I DONT like the anchor in the "o" of "Profit". Thanks!! PS: Still wanna see the fish on the left as a King Mackerel if possible and maybe try some centering of fish in the words in the logo. Awesome Work!!
  • What do you think about my #37? did some moving around of things
  • Loving them ALL!!! Lets see more in the direction of "BOLD" and "INTIMIDATING" !!!
  • I LOVE this font for "Fishing Team"!!!!
  • I like the fish in the center on this one. Can you do it with a King Mackerel?? Maybe even split up the team name on each side of the fish??? Like ot see it both ways:) Couple different font options as well if you could. Looking great! Thanks!!!
  • CH, Any revisions for #33 or #34? All are welcomed! Thanks!