This was a great source for me to get my logo designed. The contest started slow, but after a few comments I received many submissions. I will definitely be using DesignContest again.. SOON!! Thanks

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Winning design #42 by Vikatrof, Logo Design for FishWifes Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Vikatrof

Project description

I am looking for an image logo, no words, with the physical characteristics of a Pacific Cod but the look and feel of a koi fish from japanese art. It will be used as a logo for a restaurant

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  • It represents the fish is about to be eaten ,
    The circle is the plate,
    Water represents sea food (colour preference),
    The fork represents restaurant ,
    Various shades of colours as per want ... #74
  • My entry hope you like it #60
  • I really like this one. I am going to let the competition run until the last day but this is the best one so far. Could you also send me the black and white version in a file if I select you as the winner? Thank you #42
    • I'm happy.
      Of course will send all available files(you can see their work in #40)-png,AI
      Thank you

  • Please add the details of a pacific cod. #58
  • Check this out #58
  • @philohzakee hi good day please check and rate my entry #38 #39 . with a stylish of koi fish but still a pacific cod fish with clean lines. What do you think?
  • This competition has 7 days left. So far this is the closest to what I am looking for. A couple more things would be can I see this without the left fin, or maybe just show it a little less. #33
    • @philohzakee thanks for the rating and feedback later I'll give you lot of variations. thank you and God bless :) Best regards, Yourfriend :D

  • These are some stylish koi I am looking for this style but with the characteristics of a cod. Also more colors and no background. Thanks for your submission! #35
  • This is more like what I am looking for. Please try some different colors and add some pacific cod details. #34
  • This is very close to what I am looking for I like the colors and the feel. Can you add some of the pacific cod features such as the barb on the chin, the 3 top fins, the under fins, and the pattern on the back. Lastly, if you can create this fish with the pacific cod details but give the top view of the fish, like the other sample images I attached this would be perfect. Thank you #36
    • ok,of course,you do everything as you want

    • @Vikatrof Looking forward to your next submission

  • Thanks for your submission. I like your traditional and eloquent style it definitely has the feel I am looking for. The only issue is it does not resemble a pacific cod in anyway. #12
  • @philohzakee please check and rate #32 and #33 more improvements, more colors and more details . what do you think ?
  • The colors look good. I also like the fish details. I think all the extra lines are a bit distracting. Thanks! #29
  • I also like this one. Please try more colors. Thanks! #18
  • This one looks good. The cod details are great. Can you try some with more colors? #15
  • FW-2

    While waiting for your memo off the first feedback's reply, here's an updated version with more defined Pacific cod dorsal fins and longer snout, a more vivid red gradient and a framing in gold with a hinted pebble bottom in faint gray. #20
  • @philohzakee hi good day please check and rate my another entry #13 #14 #15 . I hope you like my pacific cod design. please give a feedback. thank you and God bless.
  • I definitely like the features of the Pacific Cod. You're on the right track. I prefer the fish swimming up or perhaps a little more bend in the body. Also if the body pattern could be more similar to the actual fish. Would you please also try out some different colors too. Thank you. #3
    • About #3, @philohzakee Sure, this is just a first rendering. What kind of colors, if not those typical of koi fish, would you like to use?
      And would you consider guaranteeing the budget?

  • @philohzakee hi good day please my entry traditional koi fish #5 #6 #8 . What do you think?
  • Here my design without background. #7