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Having my logo created by one of the many talented designers that submit to Design Contest was a fantastic experience. I received over 200 designs and had a difficult time deciding on the final winner, because I received so many great designs. I have already recommended the site to some other people that I know are looking to have designs created. Everyone involved was professional and handled things quickly.

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Winning design #65 by SIHEM, Logo Design for Fit Foods Menu Logo Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SIHEM

Project description

Fit Foods Menu is a site for fitness enthusiasts to get precise menus that correspond with their individual fitness goals. The logo can have a simple graphic along with with the words or the word(s) can be incorporated into a graphic. Or no graphic at all. Just because it is geared toward people into fitness, lots of non-active people eat this way too. So barbells, muscles and the like are not mandatory to the logo design.

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  • Hello Pamela! I just submitted my design concepts entry #42, #43, #44. I'm very much open for revisions and hoping for your feedback. Best Regards, hopeflowpj
  • To ch. thanks for the feedback and you are right. It wasn't visually appealing. ABOUT#37. I just placed it on the right in a straight line. This is more fit. Feedback would be great. Thanks again
  • Dear Ch thanks for your feedback.I submitted a new design #30. graphics resembles with f. fonts and colors can be customized regards nd
  • nerdesigner Unfortunately, I can't quite put my finger on it. I'm thinking maybe just another design would be better.
  • dear ch thanks for your feedback. you didn't like the graphics or color of the graphics. suggestion will be nice so that i can modify this design or work on other design. regards nd
  • Emaginat I like the new concept, but the word menu for the smile is making me think of a bad smile with missing teeth.
  • nerdesigner I like the use of a graphic that is something other than a person, but the overall look of them isn't eye catching enough.
  • Dear Ch. thanks for your rating. i presented two new designs #24 and #25. feedback will be appreciated regards nd
  • TO CH ABOUT #23. This is a different concept where the fit is a squeeze symbolizing fit. feedback would be great thanks
  • to ch. Thanks for the feedback. Feel free to ask for revisions if needed.
  • Emaginat Thanks for your logo explanation. I like the greens, can't decide which green logo I like better. The smile is a nice touch.
  • ShiftingBlue I like the all white background for that logo design.
  • alvinnavarra about #3 no changes necessary
  • CH, #21 and 22# are on a lighter background and then a flat white background. Let me know if you'd like any other changes, thanks!
  • about #3, any changes please request... Best Regards, Alvinnavarra
  • ABOUT #16. This is the logo concept I came up with. I created a custom F figure stretching in a fit pose. I went with green because colors have meanings. Red is for fast food, that is why mcdonalds, checkers, rally's, and most other fast food places have red as their color. Whole foods is green, subway too, because it symbolizes healthy food. Feedback would be great, Thanks for your time. And the smile under the eyes is for when you look good you feel good
  • Gilmetstudios I'm not a fan of that particular green and with the spacing and that line in the logo it looks like something is missing. Also, the action figure reminds me more of dance than fitness.
  • CH, i submitted #14 feedback would be greatly appreciated thanks
  • ShifingBlue, I like them. Would like to see #12 with a slightly brighter white background than what is currently there.
  • CH, I have submitted #11 and #12, and would love to hear any feedback or changes you would like made. Thanks!