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I don't want a standard gym logo. If using equipment, use dumbbells instead of barbells please and if showing a person in exercise I'd like to see people in motion that are demonstrating the best form of each exercise with some light muscle, but not a lot of muscle.


 I'd like something very modern that shows a distinction in our education and knowledge. The logo It needs to be unisex, have a component that represents vitality. What makes us "beyond training" is that we observe the body in movement as well as the physiology of our metabolic systems or pathways. I think that by adding in the 'heartbeat', a DNA helix or the biomechanical angles of an exercise. I'm looking for a truly creative concept balanced with a simple message. Maybe a picture of a defined man and woman exercising together...


 I'm not tied to our color to the scheme of green and grey, but I'd like to see this color usage.

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  • About #227, @flyer submitted please check #239 entry. Thanks
  • I like the male and female in facing this direction, but maybe standing? #209
  • I like the balance of this one, but not their exercise position, maybe standing is better? #222
  • I like the two people in the circle. But it looks strange without faces. Otherwise the figures are good! Also please add a heart beat line on either side of the work fitness #227
  • I love this figure of the guy, but the arms look strange like a mummy. Also, the leaf is in a weird position, as if he is squatting on it #236
  • About #234, @Bismillah_TukuOmah
    Good improvements! Can I see another positioning woman standing by the man? And the man looking up? Maybe with them back to back or looking at each other?
  • About #235, @ovaiz1

    This looks good! Can you add a bit more muscle definition, add the heart beat lines by the work training and close the F in FBT?
  • #219
  • #218
  • #217
  • Lets see it without the stars and heart rate symbol I the lettering, simplify it a little #199
    • About #199, right away sir

  • I really do love this concept, its just the balance at the top of the lettering that I'm struggling with. There needs to be something else in that space. Otherwise, it looks great! #150
  • Also, I'd like to see this concept with a man and woman in the circle together. #181
  • About #181, @Bismillah_TukuOmah

    I really like this concept overall, but not as much with the dumbbell. Maybe try crossing the arms? And maybe just a little more muscle definition?
  • I love the creativity of this concept with the stop watch! I'm looking for more creative ideas like this one. Overall, the logo is a little too busy though #204
  • I ready feedback #202
  • changes I have done, by bending the arm and push the dumbbells upward. hope you like it. thanks. #205
  • Can you size down the guy a little bit? I want the figures to have muscle definition, but not to be bulky or too big #197
  • good addition of dumbbells. Can you bend the arms or have him push them overhead? #192
  • Thanks for your feedback, I now give the dumbbells into the design #184 . hope you like it. thanks. and please contact me immediately, if possible, there are still shortcomings or even mistakes. thanks. #185