Fitness Training Company

The process was streamlined, simple and easy to follow. We got heavy responses from designer up until the last minute of our contest. Many great designs and we ended up with the design we wanted. All 3 critical factors we wanted, our designer did a stellar job of incorporating, while staying true to his style. Very satisfied and will come back for more.

$300 paid

116 custom designs

24pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #96 by tzezuka, Logo Design for Fitness Training Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by tzezuka

Project description

We are developing the next great fitness company. In time, it will be the "Google" of fitness. We need the most badass logo on the planet that ideally communicates our company vision of helping people create: "Stronger minds" "leaner bodies" "feeling invincible" It can have the words "MOS" or "MOS Training Systems." Feel free to play with negative space.

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  • Nice. can you have one with red/black?
  • reminds me of the movie "Cars." Appears more fun/playful.
  • reminds me of the movie "Cars." Appears more fun/playful.
  • Can you put "MOS Training Systems" please?
  • Can you put "MOS Training Systems" please?
  • Can you put "MOS Training Systems" please?
  • Can you put "MOS Training Systems" please?
  • Like the simplicity of the approach. Different color scheme variations? Can you have the words "MOS Training Systems" instead?
    • Thanks for feedback. I made all the changes you asked me for #4.

  • Play with the lettering and different color variations. think more sleek/clean. Have "MOS Training Systems" as words
  • Very clean. Can you please have variations with different colors. And the words "MOS Training Systems"
  • Very clean. Like it, even the colors. Can you play with different variations on colors. And have "MOS Training Systems" as words.
  • Great use of negative space. The bottom left with the "spark" is a great touch. A way to try different colors on this scheme?
    • Sorry Sir, that I put 2 different color modes on 1 design #23, but my entries are limited. I think that colors on that logo should be rather solid. All hard gradients would weaken the negative space effect.

    • I understand. How do you mean exactly, "hard gradients...weaken negative effect?"

    • My english is not very good, sorry about that. As you know, the best effect on negative space, is when you match 2 colours with big contrast between them, like black & white. If I put colour gradient on logo, for example from red, through yellow, white, to red again, it will attract the attention too much, and this negative space will not be so easy to see. Of course maybe it's just my theory, and if you wish, I can put design like this too. :)

    • Next time I'll enter only hidden contests, becouse this plagiarism really starts to be annoying...

    • how do you mean exactly? Maybe on the next logo, we too will go hidden contests.

  • is there a story behind the M? Go Training Systems instead of Fit Training Company.
    • good day CH.. Thank you for the feedback about my entry... M is showing strength, left side of the M is just like flexing a muscle... showing fitness..

  • try again pls. Think more sleek, sophistication.
  • like this as much as your emblem design. a way to "merge" your two core designs? or have this one with an emblem?
  • Like it. What's the story with the "S"?
    • good evening CH.. Thank you for the great message.. S represent muscle CH... as to the letter M with fitness dumbbell.... this logo reflects fitness system....

  • makes me think of yahoo. Not a bad thing but, the "yahoooooo" more comes to mind. try again.
  • Interesting, but my business partner doesn't dig it. try again please
  • I like the "oneness" of it.
  • Makes me think of a video game. Try again please.