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Winning design #86 by finestroke, Logo Design for flash foreword Contest
Gold Medal

designed by finestroke

Project description

Mobile app and web service providing custom search and alert for happenings to be announced.  Initial ideas incorporate the FFWD button symbol (and letters), stylized as lightning or camera flash, on a semi-transparent crystal ball-esque background.  Open to suggestions.   Keep in mind that the logo will serve as the icon.  Palette should be limited in quantity, but broad in variety (few colors and lots of contrast).

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  • Simple and Attractive logo.... #83
  • So I tried to insert the two triangles on to the letter "W" as it forms "FFWD". I added to lines at the bottom of "FFWD" to indicate speed like "flash". I hope you like this. This feels modern and simple. #82
  • Simple and Attractive logo.... #81
  • Let me know if you'd like any changes in any of my designs #79
  • Attractive icon including two lightning symbols and forward icon inside the logo (negative space) #77
  • 2 lightning icon merged and forward icon inside the logo... #76
  • I can easily change the color and I am open to any changes you'd like to make. Let me know. #69
  • 3D Mockup #64
  • Logo design #42
  • @summerdm
    Hi CH, i made the logo using a combination of stylized fast forward icon and a lightning bolt (#38), and it's appearance as a mobile app icon (#39).
    I hope you love it!
    Thank you.
  • Hi @summerdm, please check my design entry #23, hope you like it, your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    • @finestroke I like the design, but would like to see the background closer to purple than red and the text in a color more easily distinguishable from the background.

    • @summerdm , Tanks for the pleasant feedback. Here the design update with closer to purple scheme, Please check my design entries #31 & #30 , in dark and white background. Please check. Thank you!

      Best Regards,


    • @summerdm, #31 & #30

  • I came up with some new ideas for the background hope you like it, write me back if you want to change something #29
  • About #26, @jensbongaerts The flash with as point the forward illustration.
  • F #19
  • please feedback sir,thanks #14
  • and only the buttons #10
  • Hope you like one if there is something that you want to change tell me or if you have some ideas #9
  • @summerdm lightning hide in letter W #8
  • hi so if there is something that you don't like or wanna change you can write me back and i will change it #2
    • @karavan4o1 I'd like to see the FFWD symbol like lightning.

    • @summerdm okay, you will have it

  • FFWD #7