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Winning design #249 by sanjeebsks204, Logo Design for Flip City Gymnastics Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sanjeebsks204

Project description

I need a fun, modern, classy, clean, sleek logo for a new gymnastics training gym. I like the idea of using an abstract mark or design along with the text.

I would like to use it for the website banner, signage, letterhead, and printing and embroidering on merchandise.

The colors I would like are Blue 00b0e6, Pink 940059, and Black 000a0f. I would like the logo to be easily used as a one-color design but having the option to include the blue and/or pink as accent colors on letterhead and signs would be great. Blue and black will be the gym's primary colors with the pink as an accent.

I prefer that the logo be gender-neutral to avoid excluding either gender.

No stars or hearts please!

Also, it has to be easy to read at first glance.

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  • I like sloping lettering a lot. I think the figure is too dominant. I also prefer her legs and head to be attached to her body unless she were more abstract. Could this be black, blue and pink without the green somehow? Thanks!
  • I like the idea of flipping the colors of the "i"s but not actually vertically flipping the letter. It is easier to read this way. I would change the figure so that it isn't holding a hoop. We do Artistic Gymnastics rather than Rhythmic Gymnastics so we don't use props. Thanks for submitting!
  • This is really cute and fun. I prefer more contrast. Maybe if the grey in the figure was black. The figure is fun but it makes me think of a bird at first glance. Thanks for submitting this!
  • The combination of the figure with the letter doesn't work very well. Thanks for submitting.
  • I like this idea but the figure's lines are a little distracting. The hip line in particular pulls my eye away from the name.
  • I really like this. In a way I like it more than the pink and blue but I think the pink and blue would attract the younger audience more, which is my primary target market. I'm curious how it would look with the dot on the "i" in "city" pink. I'm still worried that it kind of looks like "Fup City". I'm not sure how to fix that. Just taking the tail off of the "l" made it look scrunched I think. I wonder if lengthening the "p" would help make the word clearer at all. Thanks for all your work on this!
  • one design/one version only in an entry and no backgrounds unless the ch requests http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/flip-city-gymnastics-logo/entry/53/report
  • I really like this without the figure actually. The figure does add something unique but it is almost detracting from the name because it has a lot of detail. I like the use of black. It will stand out well on the side of the building. I'm wondering if there would be an additional coloring that would make it usable on a black background as needed. Thanks!
  • Sorry about colours in my previous entries... I was having so much fun that I didn't read all the way down your brief... whoops! In this entry I have corrected the colours and filled in the gymnast. Thanks again for feedback. Kind regards, Liz
  • This is a really nice design. I wish it was black, blue, and pink. The Hex #s are in the contest brief. The figure looks really nice but I prefer something more abstract. I would also rather the figure and the text be grouped together more rather than being side by side. (But I'm not wild about the figure being one of the letters.) I'm not wild about the font. It looks classy and would look nice on letterhead but I'm picturing something more fun to print on merchandise. Thanks for submitting!
  • Gymnastics is about precise movements, but the figures look kind of out of control. I do like the energy of the figures and I like that it feels like the front figure is coming forward out of the image. Using the "I" in flip for the head of the front figure is neat. I am not sure how I feel about the circular nature of it. I need the colors black, blue, and pink. THe Hex #s are in the contest brief. Thanks for submitting!
  • I think a silhouette might work better than an outline. I like the division of "Flip" and "City" with it still being very readable. I want the font to be more exciting in some way. I'm concerned about the purple and green. The colors in the description are the ones I'm looking for. Thanks for submitting!
  • Awesome idea for the upside down "i". I think there is too much emphasis on the word "Flip". My eye is drawn to "Flip" and led away from the word "city". I would like it to have more continuity. I like how you incorporated a pink accent with the black and blue as the main colors in the image. Thank you for your submission!
  • The figure on the left is skilfully done. I like the lettering for both "Flip City" and "Gymnastics". Perhaps they could incorporate motion. I like that it incorporates black in the lettering and figure, particularly over the "i" in "City". The figure strikes me as being too free-flowing or "wispy". This would be great for dance. Gymnastics is more "Striking" to me. Gymnasts strike a pose and a dancer moves through a series of poses. Thanks for submitting!
  • Dear Contest Holder, people are starting to copy my idea with the "upside down i." Just remember who thought of that idea first : )
  • After more consideration, I feel this one is the current front runner. * I think I like the 'gymnastics' better with the lighter color and size. Thanks for taking the time to try the other way out! * I like the 'L' with a tail instead of a straight line. The color differences on the dots of the 'i' look good to me to make it look like two letters insead of a 'U' * The proportions are really balanced in this version This is definatly the feel I'm going for. It is crisp, modern, and has elements of motion that are subtle but very effective. Thank you for your submission!
  • Thanks for submitting!
  • Thanks for submitting!
  • Thanks for your earlier feedback. Here I have made some very abstract figures flipping towards us, using the dot on the eye of flip for the head of the closer figure. Trying to emulate lots of energy. kind regards, liz
  • I like that "gymnastics" is bigger so it is easier to see. I like the coloring better on #38. I prefer having the tail on the "L" in "Flip". It looks more balanced that way, even if it does slightly look like "FupCity".