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Winning design #84 by hollander, Logo Design for Flip Flop Republic Contest
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designed by hollander

Project description

We are a tropical/rock/reggae band from Florida. 

Current name is Flip Flop Boys, but we are switching to Flip Flop Republic. 

We have a tropical vibe, but with a little edge. We see Flip Flop Republic as a brand that is more than music, it also is a way of life.  Free  your toes, free your mind.  

We would like a simple logo, and/or a flag since it is a republic.  Might be buy more than one logo!   Palm trees, tropical, swaying in the breeze!  Modern twist! 

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  • love the wavy lines. What if that was blue, and other pink or green? Or some other palette? #103
    • @joelowder thank you very much for your great feedback, please check my update i have a few modifications #107 #108

  • acoustic guitar revision #104
  • Thanks for the rating. I appreciate it :) #98
  • can you make it an acoustic guitar? #94
  • maybe palm tree should be a little higher? Hard to read the flop, just a little less busy overall #102
  • ok, now maybe just one with a guitar?
    How did you find that saying? that is awesome #102
  • Love the simplicity. Would love to see maybe a different font. Also a few different color schemes. Miami vice palette, etc. Also is there anyway to include a guitar or something music? #103
  • About #99, @joelowder, with miami vice colors.
  • I changed the text, and funked it out a bit. I hope you like it. Thank you #98
  • new font with different layout, keeping the guitar, the palm tree and the bongos. Logo in solid colors, gradient and white. #94
  • new font version, but in orange combinations (solid orange on white background and gray t-shirt), gradient yellow-orange on black background. #93
  • Previous version in a different color combination and new font for "Flip Flop" text part: solid colors on white background, gradient colors on black background, bright colors on gray t-shirt. #92
  • Revision with added instruments (bongos and guitar next to the palm tree, on the sand) and notes (replacing stars around REPUBLIC). Logo provided in flat orange on white, gray t-shirt and grandient version on black. #91
  • love the simplicity of this. what about a color with miami vice type colors, the blue/teal and pink type. #77
  • This is great, simple and gets the message across!
  • I am really liking the top right one. Is there anything you can add that is music related? guitar? Music note, something? #80
  • This looks cool, the one on white is hard to see. And we would be using it mostly on white. Is there a way to outline it better? #83
  • The flip flop republic doesn't look as good now #90
  • Improved colors! #90
  • new entry feedback please thanks #89