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Winning design #1841 by marlborolight595, Logo Design for Flush Contest
Gold Medal

designed by marlborolight595

Project description

Logo creation for brand „flush“


flush provides a gateway for crypto currency owners to buy things using e.g. bitcoins in real world. E.g. you can buy things @ amazon with bitcoins. Flush allows you and every business to accept crypto currency easily for payments to you by your customers. Every business deserves a flush and increase in revenues, new customers and advantage over competitors.  

“Flush” could be realated also to the term “royal flush” in poker (highest cards in poker game) BUT: if you decide to do that, it has to be clear that this is NO casino, NO game.

“Flush” is related to blockchain-currencies (or blockchain tokens) like Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. Therefore maybe it maybe makes sense to provide "flush" a style slightly remembering the bitcoin / etherium style.

Cool would be a new creative approach providing the impression "flush for your business".

Logo-style shall provide trust, you should trust using this brand making or receiving clever payments.

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  • @masterbrain, please check other design, I try to describe flush with the letter FS, thanks #2729
  • @masterbrain, please check my new design,
    thanks #2722
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  • Dear, @masterbrain
    Please, check and feedback my design #2698 and #2699
    I hope a winner your contest
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  • please check my design. #2706
  • Hello
    I have sent the logo design to you, and I am very happy if you like my logo design, if nothing matches the logo design I made. Please confirm to me so I can fix the logo well and correct the confirmation to my email: muhamad .sairoji @ gmail.com
    I am very grateful for the response you gave me, if there is an unpleasant word, I apologize as much as possible.
    thank you #2704
  • Done #2688
  • please check. thanks and regard..... #2683
  • many, many, many thank u 4 the opportunity u had given 2 us all, but there is it not yet rated. cheers and up 2 u 2 choose the winner, it is better finalized than expired. #2455
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