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Winning design #38 by YAD, Logo Design for Fly Away Logo w/Background Contest
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designed by YAD

Project description

My product is called "Fly Away". It is a liquid used to get rid of fruit flies. It can be poured down drains or sprayed onto garbage dumps. The product is milky white inside a translucent plastic bottle. I want a real nice logo for this product that I can use on the label. If you desire, incorporate the logo onto a background that I can use as the whole label (sans content). That would really help me make a decision. Thanks! UPDATE: I uploaded a logo that I made up. I am looking for something like this but much more professional looking

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  • BMG
    hello ch, I would like to know if your product kills or makes the fruit flies go away?
    • It does not kill them. It makes them go away

  • Not really feeling this at all. Take a look at the logo I uploaded. I want a logo that when you look at it, you know what it does
  • This design has nothing to do with eliminating fruit flies. Aside from the name "fly away" I would think I am looking at a logo for a natural fruit store. Fruit flies are insects. My product helps get rid of them.
  • stock photos and art you do not own are not allowed in logo contests
  • Hello CH, I just submitted #14 for your review. Any feedback would be great!, Thank You
  • i like the creativity, however it looks like my product is used for attracting these types of bugs instead of repelling them
  • FLY IMAGE-I would like to see more cartoonish versions of the fly. Using realistic pictures is a little too creepy. I want a fruit fly character, rather than a national geographic version.
  • reminds me of a Nintendo game from the 80's. don't like the fly either.
  • all the insects are creeping me out. text feels a little to "horror movie" like
  • not bad, but need more creativity with the text
  • I am not stuck on the image of fly with the cross-out. I am open to other ideas
  • Looking for more creative design on the "fly away" text
  • Hello, CH I uploaded design #26 as my version of Your idea and I made a label background blue, I think it will look nice as you said that the liquid is white and it's in translucent bottle. Regards, Erika
  • let me see how it would look with the banner above the fly
    • YAD

      here ch.. :) #24

  • don't like the leaves. the green reminds me too much of Christmas. Keep the blue in the circle, but try darker shades of blue for the banner
    • YAD

      hi ch... need to go for now... ill do some variations tommorow.. thank you..

  • This is the best design so far. I like the layout. The only issue is the fly looks like a house fly and not a fruit fly. See if you can change that. Also, I would like to seem some variations on the text and banner.
    • YAD

      hi ch.. thank you for a positive feedback... i just uploaded new entry... hope u like it.. :)

  • Hello, could you please give me some feedback on my entry #15 so i know what to change or which direction to go. Thank you
    • sorry, missed that one. not bad, but the fly could use a little more detail. I don't like the "sky" blue color. perhaps try a darker shade. the text font is creative, but a little wimpy. I want something tougher/meaner

    • thanks for the feedback Ok, will see what i can come up with :)

  • A little better. But the eyes look very weird. looks like he has a cherry in his mouth. Also, can you get a little more creative with the text.
    • Okay I see what you mean it does look like a cherry in its mouth so more creative text and the eyes more in the head? Also are you looking for bug like eyes or cartoon like eyes with pupils?

    • not sure. will have to see

  • I don't like the character at all
  • not bad...maybe try a little more color. also replacing part of the cross out with the words just doesn't look right.