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This has been an excellent way for us to source a great-looking logo. There were many excellent entries. I feel bad for all the entrants who put in great work but didn't get anything in return, however.

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Winning design #182 by Bailey, Logo Design for Flynn Effect Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Bailey

Project description

Flynn Effect are an accessible rock/metal band from Brisbane Australia. We are not particularly heavy; similar artists include Rammstein, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and early Linkin Park. In addition to the name, the logo should have one defining element that can be recognisable on its own. This could be special typography on one or more of the letters (like the Rammstein "rt" or the Metallica "MA") or a separate pictorial element (such as AC/DC's lightning bolt or A Perfect Circle's double-crescent). This element should have vaguely square proportions and will be used where a full logo would not fit or would be the wrong proportions (such as a Facebook or forum avatar). The logo should be masculine, strong and somewhat intimidating, but not scary in a black/death metal kind of way. It needs to attract a mainstream audience seeking a darker, edgier sound but doesn't necessarily need to capture an audience that would already be interested in listening to Corpsegrind Skullcrush.

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  • My apologies, I made a mistake in the letter, logo # 36, but was corrected in the proposal # 37, Regards
  • #CH Thank you very much for additional brief..very helpfull :)
  • I don't really know enough about colour design and colour theory to answer that. We don't have a pre-defined colour scheme. That said, black and white are traditional, easy to fit in and always good for T-shirts. We're open to pretty much any colour choices, though, but it still has to have impact if it's straight white-on-black. For font/text, a modern block-letter design would be great. Angular stuff is good for edginess, but not too pointy and curly (Slayer, Cradle of Filth, etc are out) and stay away from flowery handwriting fonts (no Nightwish style).
  • #CH sorry before.. -what color u prefer? -what kind font/text character u prefer? heavy,classic,modern,70's,80's,90's or millenium or whatever? thank u for additional brief
  • about #121, I was looking for a logo who seems to rise like the flynn effect.
  • hi CH! Thank you For the rating. if you have any suggestion about my design just give me a feedback. best regards thank you.
  • I'd just like to say that, while I'm not rating this design (and its variations) particularly highly for this contest, it's only because it's not quite right for a modern pop metal band. For an 80s-era thrash or glam rock band, this would be absolutely amazing.
  • DEAR CH, Please check my designs #170,#171,#172,#173,#174,#178,#180..Hope you like it,thanks...........
  • Hello management (CH), thanks for the rating on my entries, i have submitted another entry #162, #164 which is a simplified, graphic overview of the brain with the letters fe (or fishbones, or soundwaves) and the arrowhead pointing upwards like the fish head (or the worlds IQ according to Flynn) on your myspace page, hope you like it , any feedback will be of great help for further work to create what you wish, good luck, best regards andré
  • GREETINGS, could give a link where we can hear your music? I LOVE their influences and I'm curious to hear how it sounds.
  • About #229 and #230 Hi Ch, Please check this entry. Thanks
  • DEAR CH, This is my last entry #227.Hope you like it..Godbless
  • dear sharie .... I am sorry for inadvertent and did not know if the logo contains copyrighted. I'm interested in taking the letter "Q" in the font "Quake". once again I am sorry and will be more careful and I accept the consequences. thank you for warning.
  • you have used a famous logo design in your logo entry
  • HI CH, This is my latest entry #211, Please check it..Thanks
  • About #188, #191, #193 and #194 Hi CH, Here is my design. Hope you like. Thanks laturjack