Flynn Effect Logo

This has been an excellent way for us to source a great-looking logo. There were many excellent entries. I feel bad for all the entrants who put in great work but didn't get anything in return, however.

$325 paid

234 custom designs

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Winning design #182 by Bailey, Logo Design for Flynn Effect Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Bailey

Project description

Flynn Effect are an accessible rock/metal band from Brisbane Australia. We are not particularly heavy; similar artists include Rammstein, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and early Linkin Park. In addition to the name, the logo should have one defining element that can be recognisable on its own. This could be special typography on one or more of the letters (like the Rammstein "rt" or the Metallica "MA") or a separate pictorial element (such as AC/DC's lightning bolt or A Perfect Circle's double-crescent). This element should have vaguely square proportions and will be used where a full logo would not fit or would be the wrong proportions (such as a Facebook or forum avatar). The logo should be masculine, strong and somewhat intimidating, but not scary in a black/death metal kind of way. It needs to attract a mainstream audience seeking a darker, edgier sound but doesn't necessarily need to capture an audience that would already be interested in listening to Corpsegrind Skullcrush.

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