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Winning design #10 by mmyousuf, Logo Design for Folder Center Contest
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designed by mmyousuf

Project description

Dear Designers,

We are almost ready to open our new company and what we do is print presentation folders (with pockets on the inside) similar to...

We are looking for a logo that has a clean, Professional look with our company name “Folder Center” written out near it, placement of it is up to you i.e. to the right, below, in the middle… you know what will look the best. Must have our colors (Red, Black & White. with some gray if it improves the look of the design) but something that could be seen if printed out on a black & white copy. We DON’T want cursive or a cartoon-ish type look with a busy feel.


The types of logo we’re thinking of are…

1. An “FC” Letter logo with “Folder Center” printed out near it

2. Could be a nondescript logo that stands out because of the color incorporation, with “Folder Center” printed out near it

3. Logo that incorporates a Folder into it with “Folder Center” printed out near it

4. Something totally different that you think would be amazing but still on the more clean look… no cursive J.

We are pretty open, just looking for something impressive. We got our color inspiration from a sign we saw at a restaurant (pic of that sign included). I would hate the cursive to be used in our company logo but the color use is great. We plan on ordering a sign very similar to this with the logo we pick. If this works the way I think it will, this will not be the last time we use the service, ultimately it’d be nice to build a relationship with the winner to have multiple jobs done. The black, gray and white color codes I've selected do not have to be exact, if you think a design would look better with a lighter or darker shade go for it. Please do stick to a red though that is very close.

Thank you so much for taking the time to work on this for us!
Good luck!


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  • We love this but Is there a way to change the font on this? I would prefer to have the font less slanted and more straight up and down. No italics. #10
    • @mmyousuf We like the fonts you had on your "D'AMORE Law" Winning submission and your "Wright Law" Design. Could you do something like that with this?

    • About #10, @angela1 thank you for your valuable feedback as you express your wish yes it is possible font will be straight but at tis time submission is disable and i cant submit anything but if you give me your mail address i can send you with straight font preview
      thank you

    • @mmyousuf thank you!

    • About #10, @angela1 please check your mailbox

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  • F+C logotype in modern, minimal and standalone design. Kindly rate and provide feedback. Thank you. #264
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