Following Their Footsteps

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Winning design #65 by lizonil, Logo Design for Following Their Footsteps Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lizonil

Project description

Hello Designers!

Thank you for your help on this unique project. This is a logo design for a youth church group who are reenacting a historic pioneer trek/journey. They will need hats, T-shirts and other print material with this logo. This is for teen's so we want something edgy & cool so they will want to wear the hats and t-shirts. 
1 - Theme "Following Their Footsteps"
       -Maybe a few foot prints down a trail.
2 - Main logo will be a "hand cart", see example photos:
3 - Vintage look and feel.
4 - Illustrate stick figures pushing & pulling cart?
5 - Remember: This is for Teen's & Youth

Please ask all the questions you want to clarify any details.

Thank you so much!

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  • Here's a design. I hope you like it! Please comment #72
  • Give me comment about my design. #70
  • Hello CH

    I am submit a design i hope you like it and please give me a comment about my design .

    Thank you. #69
  • Hello, this is my design. Only black has beed used for easy and cheap printing. Any modifications you need, please ask. Thank you in advance. #68
  • Hope you like it :) #66
  • About #49, @PrasentaCakra Thank you for feedback. I'm so happy now. perhaps, this contest better be blind contest. I only give advice, the decision is your own. Because you are the contest holder. Thanks.
  • This is the same design but using just one colour which is better for screen printing. #65
  • I have tried a more retro style here and thought it might be nice to have the start and end points of the trail added (I have put in missouri to oregon as place holder text but it obviously would be changed to the route the youth group traverse). I think this would appeal more to the age group. #64
  • Currently in 2nd place by group vote. #50
    • About #50, @cweston thankyou for choose my design in 2nd place. :)

  • Currently in 1st place by group vote. Keep you posted. #49
  • Currently in 3rd place by group vote. We'll keep you posted. #58
  • Currently in 4th place from group vote. An improvement would be to replace shoes with a handcart in the background #54
  • This once incorporates footsteps and the cart wheel. #55
  • This design has the silhouette of a modern hiking boot behind the silhouette of a pioneers lace up boot. #54
  • I hope you like this. :) #50
  • Dear Contest Holder. You have the right to choose . Therefore , I have the option for you . As you said in the your feedback . I hope you like this . Thanks :) #49
  • Are these photos your own property... can we use parts of them?
  • About #39, @PrasentaCakra Dear Contest Holder. Thanks for rated. I'm so happy. And I will do what you want. Thanks for rated. :)
  • Dear CH, have submitted another design, await your feedback and suggestions. #45
  • Your design is currently in 2nd place among the group vote. Please provide any enhancements you feel would improve your rank. #17